The ever-transforming nature of this whole house is magical.

The ever-transforming nature of this whole house is magical. You look around and look at its history.  It has changed and morphed in the past couple of years like nothing I’ve ever known.  And since, in the past seven months since I’ve been here, it’s changed dramatically around here.


There’s the back yard, transformed from shallow lake into a beautiful meadow.


And all of the sudden, this fire pit appears, not once, but twice – it reappeared when the meadows appeared.


And the rolling hill that appeared with it, as well, was a wonderous thing.


And the garden that sprung up out of the ground, and the pit full of wood that was magically cleared.  Where did the wood go?


And the woods – that were so thick with bramble and brush, suddenly were traversable.


And the pigs and the pen that fit them.


The chickens and the chicken coop that fit them.


And the goat and the pen that fit him.


All appeared out of nothing.


And the glider – there’s a glider in the front yard.


And the benches.  We planted a seed, and the benches grew.


A road, was one day transformed from this white sand to this beautiful white rock.  Boom – there it is, all of the sudden.  It wasn’t there before.


And the walls of the kitchen, magically transformed.


Our living room wall – magically transformed.


And all of this new, built-in walls, and built-in shelves magically appeared in Linda’s house.


And Danny’s room, magically appears, and his bed, magically appears.


My bed, Mom’s bed, *poof!* – out of nothing.  Suddenly, there they are.


And this new desk of mine – poof, it magically appeared out of nothing.


All of the sudden, these things become and integral part of daily life.


It’s like there’s magic all around.  We just have to accept it.


It’s here, and it’s a beautiful thing.



[The magic is in the fact that these things all started out as IDEAS….. in the brain.

and then, with the right resources, they became part of physical reality]



-from a typewritten paper.

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