“The end product of philosophy is silence.” It can be but…

The end product of philosophy is silence.” I wask asked.

It can be.

But there is also a social aspect to philosophy.
You are still a human among humans. We are not in a closed Universe and segmenting systems of conceptualization into closed silos would be the cause of this end product.

There is something that is not within philosophy itself: and that is the enacting of it.

Philosophy itself cannot compel action.

It requires people and a kind of social purpose that is personal.

It may be a part of your philosophy and it may not be. One does not even have to be conscious about the drive.

But here is teaching:
A teacher is rarely perfect. But the teacher knows “just a little more” than the students. The teacher brings the students up to the teacher’s level so that they meet and the student then can stand on the teacher’s shoulders and jump up into the sky if the student wishes.

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