The domain you are in is: Christology.

The domain you are in is: Christology.
Christianity overwhelmingly follows Dyophysitism ” is the Christological position that two natures, divine and human, exist in the person of Jesus Christ. It contrasts with monophysitism and miaphysitism”
Monophysitism is that Christ is only Divine
Miaphysitism is that there is one nature, both human and divine together. This is held by the Oriental Orthodox Churches such as Coptic. It’s generally considered compatible with Dyophysitism now but full communion isn’t entirely re-established between Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox just yet.
Then there’s Nestorianism, two separate persons in Christ. That’s generally considered a heresy.
The meaning of the cry at the end “My God why have you foresaken me?”
can have distinct meanings if you believe that:
Christ is two people in one that can be split (Nestorianism)
Christ is one person with two natures (Human and Divine) that remain distinct
Christ is one person with one combined nature
… and I think there’s a few other variations…
Thousands of years of combined brain power figuring these things out. but it’s new to each person who discovers it as it was for me.
I’m just outputting what I’m aware of. You can reject what’s come before. It’s your own personal distinct unique journey and nobody elses.
Your journey is yours, my journey is mine. I don’t know anything more, just a few whiz-bang terms I remember that are just words.
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