The diamond remained a mystery though.

During watching, I had my suspicions. Being trapped inside of the “last will” ‘clicked in’ early on. But the passing of time really got me good.

7000 years. 12,000 years. More… and more… and more… and and I felt myself there, with him, his pain and anguish and fortitude and acceptance and fighting and uncertainty… just brilliant stuff.

The diamond remained a mystery though. The ending just made my jaw drop. and the transporter really got me when he found it the 1st time. It was like, OMG WOAH.


3rd is still my favorite, if I _must_ pick one smile emoticon but I loved them all. Felt bad for 6 and 7 though. 7 didn’t get the time he needed to develop and 6… well… yeah. Colin Baker, I just felt bad for his character. Never got full development.

Newer doctors I really can’t decide. Each of them felt very full and complete. The reboot was something I _never_ expected in my life and when it happened, it as like being regenerated. Yeah… I’m a whovian.

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