The democratization of knowledge is superior.

Someone asked me: “can you name a single thing that has benefited people as much as science?”

Yes I can.
The democratization of knowledge is superior.
Without it, all the sciences would’ve stayed with the elite and there would have been no benefit to the people.

Knowledge comes in many forms. Most knowledge, even today, is accepted knowledge based upon authorities.. Did you or I walk on the moon? Nope. Someone else did.

Yet, I believe it because I trust the authorities and the evidence they supply.

All comparing isn’t Science though. That’s comparing. Conversation. Discussion. Debate. It’s a part of communication, not strictly Science.

The Sciences may be leading us down a generally _better_ path (I don’t like to say “Science” as a ‘thing’ – it’s Sciences – they’re distinct, each with their pluses and minuses) than, say, Economics, or Politics, or whatever, even Religions.

But without the democratization of knowledge, there would be fewer opportunities for people to discover truths on their own, in their own ways. 

As great as the answers brought forth by the Sciences are and as much progress as they have brought us to, I would not want them to be in control of civilizations for example.

There’s more to life than the Sciences and even to knowledge, but easy access to knowledge at least gives us the tools for discovery and should leaderships fail us, “the people” can rebuild.


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