The deeper you go, the more

The deeper you go, the more there is.

Russian nesting dolls of Reality – poorly explained by me – but I made this great picture to explain it.

Efimov state shown to be real. Predicted in 1970 but only found a few years ago, the ”Halo Effect” is something you won’t learn about in school, because it doesn’t fit the Standard Model NOR any of the prevailing theories of quantum states just yet. But it’s real. Under certain conditions, close to absolute zero, a trio (trimer) of subatomic particles shows up inside of each other – like layers of an onion. When you look deeper, you find ANOTHER trio 22.7 times away from the one you look at.

This is indeed bizarre – and not only is it found deeper and deeper, but it goes in the LARGER direction too – 22.7 times (their masses are 4.9 times each other’s) – so much so that they’ve gotten a stable Efimov state up to the size of a bacterium – all the way from the quantum size!

Russian nesting dolls. I did my best to make this ”to scale”, since, after all, the Efimov state is all about scaling or zoom.

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