The death of Fred, my goat. The story in short.

The goat pen was about 60 feet (20 meters) from where I sit on a screened porch on my computer, like I am now. He was complaining as usual. Then he was quiet. I didn’t think much of it as sometimes he goes to sleep.

I go about my routine. Then when it was time to feed him, I went down to his cage and it was like a horror movie.

After getting over the shock, I called a Biologist from Florida (USA) – I forget the department. Fish and Wildlife I think.

They came down in a few days and investigated.

After looking at the cage and going through the woods, tracking blood droppings and such he came back out.

Found the rest of him. Invited me to see, but I didn’t want to.

Then he told me a story about what he thought happened and it involved a panther.

The panther came in three times to the cage, which had no top on it. Killed him the first time, removed parts the other two times.

He described how he knew that.

And, that was about it. Very bizarre experience. Happened about three years ago or so.

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