The danger of course are the stragglers, the kids who haven’t yet developed support communities around themselves.

Kids love doing the challenges and I suspect most of them are not overtly designed for nefarious purposes.

Plus it’s kind of “Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted”. Kids have been on Youtube and other video-based social media commonly since about 2012 – a virtual explosion onto the video scene as generation z, smartphones and Minecraft and they’re claiming the internet as their home now.

Example: There was Vine. Now there’s musically.

They have their own support networks they form and help each other out.

That said: There *are* bad actors out there. On the popular videos where hundreds of kids comment, a single perv is easily spotted and rooted out by the kids.

The danger of course are the stragglers, the kids who haven’t yet developed support communities around themselves.

Far more toxic than the fetishists scouring youtube for content they can perverse with though, is XBox culture.

No other thing to call it. Going after “squeakers” is a common game. Bullying is encouraged. I don’t see that stopping soon, but as Gen Z has been growing wise to the BS, most develop a thicker skin against “drink bleach” / KYS – which they see as 2011 youtube era stuff now, although it had a burst of repopularity around 2014-early 2015. In “me me” world, KYS went the way of complaining about “normies” and Pepe politics.


ROBLOX is another place where kids go against pervy teens + online predators.

A common thing kids do now on ROBLOX, thanks to raunchy humor AlbertsStuff, is go after ODers, “Online Daters” – roleplayers who use Roblox for virtual sex and situations.

Kids report them, sometimes following AlbertsStuff lead and go in disguise just to bust them.

I’d say his audience is probably 11-14 – old enough to deal with the language and humor (no worse than a potty mouth uncle, aunt, grandma or grandpa), and while it’s not *my taste, my nephew loves that stuff.

Some the push comes from a toxic side Thot Patrol which is a political push to convince guys that “all women are thots” and not to be trusted, itself a little pedophillic imo, mostly starting from gamergate days.

But at this level, it’s normal for “sex stuff is gross and break it up if you see it”, much like how a little sister or brother tries to break up their teenage siblings from public displays of affection with their dates in their presence.

The baby channels with the auto content is def some weird shit. I got a little 4+5 yr old niece + neph that have tablets in their hands on youtube a lot. Thankfully I don’t think they ever stumbled upon that stuff but were more into “dumb ways to die” type stuff.


I’m glad the kids are taking over youtube. They’ve been growing in a collective force and 90s era PARENTS SHOULDN’T LET THEIR KIDS ONLINE stuff isn’t the problem it was because of this, I think.




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