The Cyberpoet’s Guide to Virtual Culture by John Frost had Y-RIGHTS under Virtual Hangouts

-=- 03.Virtual hangouts
        o Elists & newsgroups
        o e.Cafes (irc, bbs)
        o Parks & Rec

-=- 03.1.Elists & newsgroups  |

Two of the most common forms of discourse in virtual culture occur on the
elist (or electronic mailing list) and the USENET newsgroup. While the
up-to-date listings of what elists or newsgroups are up and running are
available on the newsgroup news.answers or the ftp site
(/pub/usenet-by-group/rec.answers) it is very time consuming to examine
each list thouroughly. The following are a few lists which either have
helped to form virtual culture or deal with various aspects of it.


       - Youth Rights, open to all.

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