The creepypasta version of the song implied storyline

The creepypasta version of the song implied storyline I just did is that you’re a kid who just got this new awesome skype friend who turns out to be a perv… but you’re not sure but you’re getting your suspicions ’cause he’s getting a little ‘weird’…

[I can go from “everything’s awesome!” to “uncanny valley” in a second. idkwhy – just a realm I can rotate between


So true. I work on embracing the good parts of my looks by exaggerating them (like in my profile vid) and then destroying my effigy in some way. Keeps me from taking my looks too seriously. This was a particularly fun project 1.5 yrs ago.



oh, no I’ve never been military or govt. Just continually working on self-betterment.

There’s people scattered around convinced that I’m Illuminati though, so maybe that counts for something?


I miss the Illuminati craze a few years ago tho’. It showed up in music, art, memes… and I got to make weird little videos just showing my eyeball and talking about random stuff. I never said I was.. but never said I wasn’t.



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