The course was (or should have) taught about: a) structural or institutional racism b) cultural racism and how they are distinct and separate from c) racial bigotry

The course was (or should have) taught about:
a) structural or institutional racism
b) cultural racism
and how they are distinct and separate from
c) racial bigotry

and say:
Dictionary definition of math is: mathematics, you will not be taken seriously.

If you say: mathematics is the abstract science of number, quantity, and space so why am I learning that math is distinct from science, you will also not be taken seriously.



Portland may be full of hypocrites. Ok.
Schools go beyond dictionary entries. Right?
Question: To you, does teaching:
a) structural or institutional racism
b) cultural racismmean they are teaching “all whites (individuals) are racist”?
  Dictionary touches upon common surface usage that is too generalized to be of use in a course in systemic racism.
 Appeals to the dictionary as an argumentative point to deny credibility of an academic course and an entire field of study gives the appearance of lack of knowledge.
 Analogy: Going to a theology course with a few quotes from Dawkins and Hitchens.
 ““the dictionary definition is completely false because it reflects white bias?” is accurate from within the context of the concepts of structural / institutional and cultural racism.But it sounds odd from an outside POV.
 I have Irish pride, Scottish pride, German pride and a whole slew of other prides that are ethnic.I have American pride that is due to the promise of an American Dream (there’s a few American Dreams out there) and that is civic pride.But I don’t comprehend (honestly) what a white pride could, would or should be. It’s illogical to my brain. The definition of “who is considered white?” has changed through the centuries. Even today, it’s in constant flux.Example. Now, Carl Reiner’s 96. Done a lot, seen a lot. He thought he was included in the club until he wasn’t.
 Ah. That shifts the focus to The term was first introduced in 1929, which was during the Harlem Renaissance.
 You’re not the sole benefactor when I write in a public space. Many eyes read and they’re always in my mind.
 I’m dissecting so that *I* can understand your perspective better.I’m looking for commonalities and differences.
So, it sounds like:
10th graders bullied your son.
The administration did nothing to help.
  Is Ojibwa pride better accepted in Texas?
 “The teacher lectured him on why he is benefited my privilege, by virtue of his whiteness” Yes. The whiteness quality (passing) allows you to hold an opinion that race can be ignored.
  Nigeria is going through a fast adjustment period. Nigerians who come to the USA are ready and excel in US schools much like Chinese did in past generations. But Nigerians still in Nigeria are a mix of local ideas with world ideas and there’s a lot of clashing, much as you see in the USA between areas previous not online but now online.
 Oh you’re talking global capitalism. Yeah, that stuff is annoying. Nestle as an ultimate capitalist organization always annoys me.
 Trying to restrain capitalism to national borders won’t work. Can’t.
 You mean, treat you like they were treated?
 Of course some people when oppressed long enough, want revenge. Leaders head on a stick stuff.But what most people want in most places in the world?

To be left alone to do what’s good for themselves, their family and their communities.

Most people don’t have war in their eyes.

 Do you know that school, work and businesses continue most normal operations during war times? Even in war zones?

That most war zones are only a few city blocks?

What is everybody ELSE doing, that is, if their food supply wasn’t cut off or whole cities gassed?

Moving on with life as best they can.


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