The concept of “truth” is interesting because: a) I don’t like bullshi

The concept of “truth” is interesting because:
a) I don’t like bullshit yet…
b) everything can be analogized to analogies and stories, whatever language is being used. [external, internal, words, music, math, etc]
c) but… bullshit is told with stories.
d) also, things that appear to be true are ALSO told with stories.
e) So, I wish to be able to speak truth.
f) But why?

Further questions:
a) Who am I seeking truth for? What is my audience?

Some answers:
a) I want to impress schoolteachers I grew up with and be able to answer every question they asked of me. Therefore, I will get a good grade.
b) I don’t want to be useless on this planet.
c) Where can I be useful?
d) I can spread myself to others and let whatever knowledge I have be gobbled down as if I am a meal (of knowledge) whose plate never goes empty.
e) But I want to be “good food”. Why?
f) I want whatever knowledge I pass on to others to turn THEM into good food, where they can be consumed by teachers, who say, “your knowledge tastes great! There’s an A for you!”, retroactively fixing all of my grades by proxy, even if they TOO are but trying to impress THEIR OWN long gone teachers from a day long ago in THEIR lives.

So, I seek truth as a weapon to blow up the education system and wherever bullshit is found.

I do not like power plays or emotional manipulation.

I like feeling strong. Muscles were easy. Mental muscles, more difficult to train but more interesting.

I like to share the clarity of thinking as well as my creativity with others so that they can be empowered to do the same in their own ways that makes sense for them.

But there is another audience:

I want to be able to answer them all. Any question about anything.

But to do that, I need to understand HOW I _might_ be stereotyped; how my thinking _might_ fall into a category that I don’t wish to be in without my permission.

But how do I know which categories to accept for myself?


So, I do it for education of others and to have weapons against incorrect systems.

How do I know they’re incorrect? Well, they may be partially correct, but there are improvements that can be made.

In the end, I want the world to understand how awesome it is to be themselves and to have a keen mind that can sniff out BS while ALSO remaining nice and pleasant as they are social constructs that I prefer.

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