the concept of “singular central ‘something’ that cannot be denied” came from “You shall have no other gods before me”

Fair enough. It’s a case, although the strength of it depends on whether of not it is enforced.

Plenty of self-referred Christian and Jewish sects (I don’t know about Islamic sects) through the many centuries were fine with accepting a form of pantheism.

Considering that there’s a severe lack of worldwide definitive authority that is universally acceptable in all of these cases, depending on who you ask, your milage may vary.

A simple synonyming or metaphorical interpretation of “You shall have no other gods before Me” – allows room for much interpretation, including many who are fine with substituting “Universe” for “God”. Or “Human” for “God” in humanism.

The absolute domination of a central figure / person (whether conceptual person like Logic or Money or another form of deification in an ideology that was brewed within Western Civilization likely traces directly back to this conceptualization and really should be given proper credit.

I suppose the same case could be made for Ra. But it strikes me as a retroactive interpretation of history in that case, considering quality/lack of primary source material for proper analysis of the concept of “singular central ‘something’ that cannot be denied” in the time of Ra, versus the very strong quality of source material for Torah-based. *SO* many copies were made and generally with great precision, which is why it remains with us to this very day, thousands of years later, even before archeology was a “thing”.

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