The code of Kenneth Udut is President of Earth from Google.

<div class="rg_meta">{"id":"KeZi-dDvT2_VnM:","ml":{"0":{"bh":137,"bw":183,"o":0}},"oh":360,"os":"14KB","ou":"","ow":480,"pt":"Kenneth Udut is President of Earth. New Earth Flag ...","rh":"","ru":"\u003dD_eCT3XY0L0","s":"","th":137,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcQGac9cT3CJxeFYrD8-RJdn8HP55xIToCdoaroQFdRH3sPMtS3YgIke_Wyk","tw":183}</div></div><!--n--></ul></div></div></div></div></div></div></image-viewer-group></div><div style="display:none" id="irc_ilrp_pve" data-ved="0CCIQyjdqFQoTCKCdtt6y-8gCFUduJgodgVENYg"></div></div></ol></div></div><div class="mod" data-md="61" style="clear:none"><!--m--><div class="_oDd" data-hveid="35"><span class="_Tgc"><b>Kenneth</b> Udut is President of Earth.</span><span class="_D8e">May 28, 2015</span></div><!--n--></div><div class="g"><!--m--><div class="rc" data-hveid="38">

and the display code of  #PresidentUdut from Google.  sigh  - it was a nice moment. 

The thing is, I could've faked it.  Easy to fake stuff.  Didn't fake it.  Proof?  Well, when facts are algorithmically changed on an ongoing basis, there's no real firm ground for facts to stand upon.  They pop up and disappear and hopefully the good ones remain.

This?  This wasn't a good fact.  It was not true.  I'm not President of Earth and Google made a mistake.

They corrected it, which is good.  I'm just glad I had a chance to see it.  It was a nice surprise, because yesterday was not a good day and it was just the kind of nice surprise that helped get me through it.

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