the church of the primal supernova – future religion

See: The Church of the Primal Supernova
You know, that’s something I want to know more about too. the star that went supernova IS our Creator – it created all of the elements on our planet, the earth, the other planets in our solar system, in our bodies. In fact, I created a future religion out of it: The Church of the Primal Supernova – – it is a combination of science and religion. The key players seem to be the Giant Molecular Gas Cloud, Gravity and the Primal Supernova. The primal supernova was the explosion of a star at least ten times larger than our sun. That star deserves our honor and respect. Its death gave us life – it truly did!

I researched it hard and heavy for, oh, two days on the internet, but learned enough to understand the gist of it. I can’t believe that NOBODY has given that sun a name or started a religion after it. It is the perfect blend of religion and science. It is something worth worshipping because it is in us, all around us, we breath it and it gives us life everyday. Our very DNA is made up of the same materials created by that nameless giant sun. Absolutely amazes and astounds me.

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