The best way to win a fight, is to be peaceful.

The best way to win a fight, is to be peaceful.  Peaceful is different from “not fighting”.

What happens when you go on the attack?

You might accidentally make your enemy more powerful (or at least more popular) than you, because you are mentioning them all of the time.

It’s like trying to not think of a pink elephant wearing a tutu jumping into an alligator pit.

You have to FIRST think about a pink elephant, AND a tutu, AND alligators…

and  THEN you have to try to forget what you just saw in your mind.

The way to win is by carrying on.  It’s not easy to do though; as sometimes fighting is more fun.  And… if you like the fight, by all means, continue!  But if you really want to get rid the competition, then for you, ,they can’t exist anymore.  Its cruel though and in most cases when you fight, you actually have great respect for the enemy, because you’re putting them on almost equal footing with your side.

It’s similar to a Jedi Mind Trick, sort of…: if you want someone to do something, you tell them not to do it.. and there’s a good chance they will do it.

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