The beauty is: they don’t have to remember my name. The connection was made: I am immortal.

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of “thought collecting” since I was about 11 yrs old. Tried different ways to go about it through the years and meanwhile living my life, going wherever it takes me.

For 2.5 yrs I’ve been quite literally collecting my thoughts in a different form – not always serious either, in 6 second increments on Vine. Thoughout it all, I hashtagged, sent to Twitter, etc -hoping some analytical tools would eventually emerge to help me sort out my uncertainties.

But meanwhile, just lived my life in whatever direction it took.

My latest kick has been this past weekend: I converted 6000+ of these Vines (I have a long way to go), converting the hashtagging into a form acceptable by the Internet Archive, and batch sending them up. – and it’s allowing me to see myself from a different perspective, while also digitizing at least bits of my “self” onto a site that’s non-profit, an archive by mission… and it takes some of the worry about losing information away from me, because I trust them.

Already I got a little insight: the things I talk about the most point to themes I apparently find interesting enough to share. I still have another 8000+ to snag and download, convert and process – these are ones I’d downloaded about a year ago and just sat until I could figure out what to do with them.

Mind you, these are spare time projects – but I try to maximize the time I can do these types of things in in whatever ways I can.

So, my answer to death has been this: Living on in the moment-to-moment ways I might touch/impact individuals.

A single “like” can mean that, just for a moment, there was a connection between me and someone else. That means they share something with me. Like two particles entangled, even when I die, a little piece carries forward with someone else.

The beauty is: they don’t have to remember my name. The connection was made: I am immortal.

But then the other part of me wants something more “out there”. Case study of one person that perhaps no one will ever do ever in the history of future humanity.

But, it’s my shot.

I’m still in the collecting phrase – my icopiedyou site has the bulk of things so far… but I can’t depend on that being there forever because I have to pay for it. Eventually I’ll figure out how I want to proceed with archiving it more permanently.

I just don’t know yet how. It’s not that I like the random individual things from here and there: I’d LOVE for it to be all organized.

But I don’t know how to do it.

So, I collect. Share. Tag as best I can… and hope that new insights will ‘hit me’ where I’ll be able to organize myself more thoroughly, to connect all of the loops into an engine of “me” that can carry on somehow, regardless of my presence… or even my name.

Sounds grandiose but I figure, “why not?” It’s a form of immortality. It’s not based on popularity but on presence. I’m satisfied with that. It allows me to keep being me.

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