The alum don’t go around trying to destroy America

The college declared no flags. It is a temporary measure. Hampshire College does not want to destroy America. They want to democratically discover what works best for its own community.

Hampshire College is a very liberal arts school that has been involved in identity politics at least since I was there in 1990 and likely prior as well.

The alum don’t go around trying to destroy America Those that have degree careers get careers in writing, art, green measures, computer science, professor positions. Some go into politics as well, championing whatever their cause is.

They have a microcosm of governance. This is one aspect of what they do.


I never felt silenced when I was there One of my favorite things to say when a liberal friend was being hypocritical was:

“How can you say you’re tolerant when you don’t tolerate intolerant people? Maybe it’s the intolerant people that are tolerating your intolerance of them? If so that makes them the tolerant ones and you the intolerant ones”

This is back in 1990/91 I was a smartass. Nobody stopped me. Gained and lost friends from it.

Maybe things have changed in 26 years but from what I’ve seen, they haven’t all that much.

The only change I’ve really seen is that the right has learned identity politics and learned how to play the game and use it to advantage.

Some of them believe they’re the reason Trump won the election: not from removal of identity politics but by utilizing its strengths to empower people.

Think about it: “I’m a white male. When is my voice going to be heard?” Is that not identity politics as well?


A republican was going to win. He should have won by a LANDSLIDE. But he didn’t. It was a slight win but a win is a win.

I was right about the election until the last few months. It was at that point that I started to believe what I was hearing around me. I KNEW not to believe polls but I fell into the trap despite that.

The rich bourgeoisie are who won the 2016 election, James. That’s the sad part. I just have to wait until the realizing hits across the board.


I don’t think about how many bombs did Obama or Bush drop on people.

Instead, I think of how many bombs will Trump drop on people and which countries will it be?

The more things change the more they remain the same.


That was the campaign rhetoric. We don’t know what the reality will be yet. He’s already softened or eliminated his positions on a number of promises. You have to see the man for what he is and what he wants out of the Presidency. I don’t think Trump is evil but an everyday capitalist. That’s my largest concern.


Sincerity is hard to find in a flim-flam man. He’ll also be a part-time President with Pence mostly at the reigns, and *he* is supportive of the standard US military stance. I don’t expect US policy to change much.


I hope you’re right and also hope you’re wrong for a multi-faceted number of reasons. If only he was a stronger force for the Presidency but he’s politically naive. Will he learn to play the game in time? We’ll see I suppose. Thankfully there’s plenty of people who are invested in the future of America who will make sure he does on both sides of the political fence. What constitutes success may differ but none want America to fall to ignorance.


With people like Trump, you let them believe they’re in charge, yes them at the right times, and do what you want anyway. I feel bad for his spokesperson though. Kudos to her; she has to have one of the toughest jobs out there right now.


Haven’t found anything direct but they’re Calvinists (Dutch Reform) and the Amway fortune family supports politicians who espouse the pseudo-Conservative values.

Lots of money to be made for them with this. In principle I wouldn’t have a problem with a partial voucher program but if it’s leading to an elimination of public schools, well, that would be a disaster. I would’ve almost preferred the other lady he was looking at. But, I dunno. I have a lot more research to do here.


She was a republican too, yes. Trump’s partners are part of a different bourgeoisie that’s all. It’s a parallel Universe.

A lot of very rich people voted for Donald Trump and supported him They live here in my county.

Why did so many rich people vote for Donald Trump? Why did so many CEOs and businessmen vote for Donald Trump?

What do they see in him that wasn’t in Clinton?

It’s not that she was a woman. It’s not her war policies. She’s a capitalist as is Trump but “Who will make the $$$?” differs.

But: What makes Trump different is he’s nimble and can change his affiliations on a whim.

One day, he’ll support big oil and pharma. But if he sees more money backing Soros type endeavors, he’ll go in that direction. But in no case does he leave the comforts of his class. He is a capitalist.

Will he help the middle class? All I can do James, is hope so.


I understand why you voted for him. It may seem that I can’t, but I can. If I believed 5% of what he said, I might have too. Maybe he’s your only hope at this point. So if I’ve said things that try to take away that hope, I apologize. I really do. Trump won the election and you have your shot. I hope he accomplishes what you need him to for you.


I grew up with Trump around me. I’m from New Jersey. I saw what he was like as a teenager. I saw what he was like in my 20s. I saw what he was like in my 30s. I’m in my 40s and I see what he is like.

I remember when he ran in 2000. I remember when he ran again. I didn’t forget.

What I saw this time around was somebody different yet not so different.

Maybe he’s a changed man. Time will tell. I’ll allow you your hope if you’ll allow me my skepticism. Does that seem unfair?


I’ve seen the Sam Harris video and he is persuasive. I understand his points and don’t disagree with most of it. He’s reasonable and rational. I just don’t agree with all of it. This does not make me psychotic.

You keep assuming that my beliefs are everything the cardboard liberal cutout is. I’m not.

As far as economics,

I believe in making it easier for people to start businesses. I live in Florida: It was VERY easy for me to start a business. There’s no taxes to pay, just a few fees that are cheap, and while there are some regulations on some businesses, most businesses are unregulated.

It works. We also have a strong transparency in Florida. It works.

If Trump’s administration encourages business growth along with transparency, I’m all for it. I need to see more signs of transparency however. Without the transparency, it will lead into trouble. Somebody has to be watching.


Here’s how transparent Florida is. Florida is a model for how to set up a working business environment and I hope Trump’s administration follows suit but I don’t think he will.

Go to this page. Search for NeighborHelp Referrals. That is my umbrella company under which I run several businesses.

Have I paid my business tax to the county in 2016?

No. I have not yet.

Has Donald Trump paid his?

This is the missing piece of his economic policy that greatly concerns me. If you build a middle class that allows room for fraud, it can quickly collapse our economy in a horrible way.

You may believe I do not understand economics, but I do.



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