the 0 within the 1, the 1 within the 0.

The blink – the choice – marvelous thing.  An itch to be scratched, a slight crack from the inside of the egg… the One creates the first Other within itself or outside of itself, or next to itself.

A zap between two Branes in a higher dimensional plane that briefly touch and create the Big Bang that leads us to here… a God who said …  the procession from Is to an Is and a Was Once.

So many ways to conceive of the same concept.  The 1 resides hidden within the 0… or the 0 is a moment of stillness (or movement) within the 1…

I think whatever it takes to allow us to grasp this “something”; this experiential “I am a part of it and also it and it is more than I” simultaneously always sounds hokey or spooky to a binary thinker.  But to me, it’s entirely natural.  Impetus.  It comes down to impetus.

Thank you for the story; I enjoy such things.

it would not even need a choice I think; just a recognition of boundary.

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