That’s where “maga” never made sense to me.

Good post man. I give credit where due.

That’s where “maga” never made sense to me. The USA *is* a great country, mostly. For most people. Most of the time. But for everybody? No. Perfect? Far from.

Growing up, I’d hear, “America, Right or Wrong” by people on the right. It was ridiculous. We’ve always had shit foreign policy and our domestic policies leave a lot to be desired and are criminal in some ways.

What’s broken should be fixed. What’s good about it (melting pot, growing abilities for fairness and occasional justice, although not there yet, a government that’s been constructed to be purposely slow to big internal change which can be painful at times but allows for the kind of stability you don’t see in young nations) is good.

It’s hard to see you’re near the top of the pyramid when there’s still a few bricks above you. You don’t see all the bricks below you, holding you up who have to deal with your weight.

I’m grateful to be where I am and the potentials available when I decide to seek them out. A good look in the mirror is healthy for anybody wherever they are.



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