That’s where I always put myself too. High Intermediate.

That’s where I always put myself too. High Intermediate. They want to call me Excel guru I let them now. I used to say I wasn’t. But from their perspective, I’m a magician. Still, I know people that know far more than me. I love Excel honestly. It’s my scratchpad for getting stuff done fast.
Yup. We’re of like mind with it for sure. I love using it for batch file creating for example. Best thing. You can take a directory in cmd, pipe it to a txt file, bring it into notepad, then excel, then make a batch file do anything, copy paste it back into notepad, then into a batch file and run it, all within a few minutes.
I’ll set my computer on a repetitive task that takes it hours or days to finish, all from a few minutes preparation.
haha lol that’s what I did when I worked for Schering-Plough. I took my copy/paste temp job (I didn’t even KNOW excel, I just bluffed) and ended up automating it, and within a few months, I had this whole complicated thing completely in my lap. Loved it. Got me a nice Systems Analyst position where I did more of the same. They tried taking it away – one of my big projects. They got Microstrategy in to make it “data cubes” or whatever. They were sneaky about it, although they included me on some of the tasks. Two million spend on these guys and they failed ’cause all they ended up with was a web based interface where you had to input the different datafiles in ONE AT A TIME. I was bringing in thousands with literally a “push button”. It said, “Press Here” and off it would go. I’d stil be there but I decided to venture to Florida instead – that was, wow, 14 yrs ago now. But I could easily still be there, just automating and push-buttoning my way through the day.


I never expected to be here honestly. But hey, life’s an adventure. I’m living in the woods a few miles from the everglades restoration project. I’ve helped my brother skin deer and pigs, tried organic gardening, running a business that squeaks by JUST enough but not much else. Never expected it but ya go where life takes you smile emoticon
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