That’s the power of conceptual sharing, however it is manifested.

magine a social model of the brain. I mentioned many times embodied cognition as my fav, which lately I’ve been thinking of as kind of social brain.

You and i are communicating. However the communication occurs – in this case, over skinny wires with concepts encoded in words encoded in bits passed through thousands of miles of air and cables… _physically connecting_ “two or more” brains.

I see energy as physical, the electrons as if basketball players catching and throwing little basketballs to each other quickly up and down the lines. [basketballs being photons].

I also see Time as not so arrow-like. Hence, in _some fashion_ we are connected physically – our brain wave patterns would be equally at home whether in a single mind or in several minds, each with a unique perspective and yet, still shared nonetheless.

That’s the power of conceptual sharing, however it is manifested.

I think that’s what makes “not feeling alone” with our thoughts so envigorating: We’re really NOT alone once we share our thoughts; they’re received and accepted/rejected/ignored – yet in some fashion, RESPONDED TO merely by the glancing at it.

How powerful that is! Of course it might be an imaginary you (mini-Millard) that I’m communicating – the mini-Millard being the internal representation of Millard Melnyk that’s in my mind – that I’m communicating with when I respond. Same in reverse.

But no-less real, even if I am communicating with a symbolic representation of a person that *happens* to seem to resemble in reality the person I’m communicating with.

Don’t know if that makes sense. Words fail in certain areas.

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