That’s at the core of white privilege.

The point of white privilege (particularly white male privilege) is that white males (like and myself) have the privilege to “dump all identity concepts”.

That’s at the core of white privilege.

I choose to pay attention to white privilege but I don’t have to. Neither does George. We have the privilege to not have to worry about gender, race, etc most of the time.


What implied is: If you want to have equality, just be like a white man and everything will be fine. If you’re a woman, be more like a white man and you’ll do great. If you’re a person of color, be like a white man and you’ll be fine.

Just don’t say “white man”. Say “adult / grownup / we’re all-just-human” instead.


I’m saying I have white privilege.

I *don’t* have to worry about race, for example, because I can say, “Why can’t we just ignore it?”

But I do concern with race because fellow Americans who are non-white say, “That’s good for you but WE can’t ignore race because your ignorance is one of the things causing us problems”.

So, I chose to listen.


In short:
a) white privilege is real
b) I have white privilege and choose to notice it.
c) George Orwell has white privilege and chooses to say it doesn’t exist or if it does, it doesn’t apply.

You could be white and go your whole life not knowing or caring about it and nothing would change. Even me knowing about it, nothing changes except an awareness of it.

But if I was black, I wouldn’t have the luxury of not thinking about race.

If I were a woman, I wouldn’t have the luxury of not thinking about being a women, at least not for long. Something would remind me of the disparity.

If I were LGBTQ, I wouldn’t have the luxury of not thinking about sexuality / gender issues.

It’s shorthand for an unawareness of status.

Even in this comment, I’m aware of white privilege and I’m using it. There’s other privileges: For example, I’m pretty good with words. This gives me extra authority. I’m male. This gives me extra implicit authority. I’ve giving off a “professor vibe”. I’m giving off a “Father telling children ‘the real truth’ about things and they should listen” vibe.

I’m aware of it and make use of it, even though I _want_ to see everybody as equals and I do: but I also know that how I *want* to be perceived isn’t necessarily how I’m perceived, so I keep these things in mind, or try to.


That’s a reasonable stance to take. I think what made it easier for me to see perhaps is that I’ve done a lot of work/play with children through the years and while they treat-me-as-equal (I’m always in a friendly role rather than position-over) I’m also aware of the fact that simply being older than them and male, I automatically have extra authority and so an extra responsibility. So I carry both things with me: they treat me as equal and I treat them as equal while _also_ being conscious of when I may be perceived as using implicit authority.




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