, that’s a whole nother th…”

I’m very proud that you found “it” – the “it” is a hard thing to find. I think most people never do. I’m still searching for the “it” but I think in the end, for me, it’s curiousity. Curiousity about EVERYTHING. But my way to express it? Written words. i prefer it over speaking, even composing music (where my new compositions sound a lot like the ones I was playing 15 years ago) . But words …are ever-changing, ever-evolving, always expressive. i’m absolutely thrilled that writing is the “it” for you – that it comes to words. it just might end up being mine as well, in the end. People have told me to “be a writer” as long as i can remember. and I’d say, “Writers write. I write. Therefore, I’m a writer.” and while true, they’d take it as a smartass response – but it really is true. Making MONEY off of writing… well, that’s a whole nother th… “

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