That’s a very hypothetical question. Star Trek level of advanced or more. Even there, gender roles continued.

That’s a very hypothetical question. Star Trek level of advanced or more. Even there, gender roles continued.

But that’s the writers which are from today imagining futures from their gender roled assumptions. Even when they try to eliminate it, their own gets in the way. It’s systemic.

Medical intervention can be as simple as hormone treatments. Even people without GD can need hormone treatments.


Changing a whole society won’t fix hormone levels.


This is crude but illustrative of a common thing MtoF deal with. For many, not all, orgasm is a dreadful experience. Miserable. They’re normal or high-T and the limiting of emotional expressiveness that goes with it is crippling.

Going through hormone treatments, they get loss of erection and can lose the ability to easily orgasm. This, for them is a huge relief of a painful burden.

It’s not something I can relate to but I’ve heard about it. It’s outside of my experience but it makes logical sense.


I think what you’ll find is more gender euphoric people in that case if they are allowed to be themselves more.

But from 2018 perspective, it would appear the same as being trans.


Gender dysphoria is crippling to those who suffer from it. It’s not something any of us without it can relate to. Of course we all understand lacking the freedom to be yourself but it’s different than that. My mother’s foster brother, who was in her early 60s when she finally let her wife know of her troubles and the long transition period that followed, said it was like going to work each day in a work uniform but you can never take it off.

You wake up each morning in this work uniform and go to bed in it and nothing anybody does or you do can remove it.



Thank you for sharing your story. The descriptions you, Jesse and my mother’s foster brother Alice (who runs an HVAC business and had 4 kids) all have a strong PTSD quality to it. But not PTSD of a single event but more akin to a daily torment, like bullies standing at the foot of your bed when your wake up. pouncing on you randomly and knocking you down, following you everywhere, never giving you a moment’s peace.That’s probably the closest I can relate to how it must be like.



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