That’s a bad thing. It’s a bad thing.

Why am I concerned? I’m concerned because it’s growth in popularity. With popularity comes power. With power comes responsibility over people. With responsibility over people comes humanistic values or absolutist values or some mix inbetween.

Absolutism can be very dangerous.

It’s not today’s Internet atheists I worry about. It is the grandchildren of today’s Internet atheists. It is Generation Z and the one coming to an Internet that finds it ok to mock other human beings.

This isn’t the Internet I started with.

This isn’t the humanistic values I grew up with.

These will be the people that will eventually be in power and they are and will grow up on the Internet they are receiving and its value systems expressed by the people on it.

This is why it’s important to me.

Past the age of 7, parental influence is minimal.

It’s peers after that. Peers include virtual peers like TV and the Internet and all of the people they encounter on it and all of the Memes they see.

This is why I am concerned.

Today’s ways will die out. People are being raised on the Internet TODAY. Some of those people will be in power later and make decisions.

What kind of value system will they hold when they do so?

Humanistic values? Nihlistic values? Absolutist values?

This is why I’m concerned.



Also, notice what I wrote: It has little to do with atheism at all. I know plenty of non-atheists who are just like that.

I’m not even defending Christians per se.

I’m talking about the tendency to people to automatically believe things about groups they don’t like.

That’s a bad thing. It’s a bad thing.

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