That observer will be available to you to narrate or at least “be there noticing” as you dream… like being your own Morgan Freeman.

Hm. Been doing it since I was a teenager. Mostly telling myself I’m going to wake up with an amazing revelation about something I never had before.

What you go to bed with, is the thought you wake up with. I wisdom teeth pulled where they used sodium pentha-whatever. You count down to zero but the gas kicks in around 4.

You wake up with cotton in your mouth going, “3 2 1 0 Ok, when are you gonna start” and then you notice the cotton in your mouth and the tooth is gone.

So, do something like that. My lucid dreaming is every time.

I sometimes keep a notepad nearby or phone to job down notes quickly because the dream fades quickly and you have only a few moments to catch even the ‘gist’ of it, so there’s practice involved.

It’s also a good problem solver: I like going to bed with a technical problem telling myself I’ll wake up with a solution. I always do. It might not be the perfect solution, but it’ll be “a solution”.

But that’s a little different from lucid dreaming.

You need to create an observer role in the dream. Start during the day: Be aware of your breathing, your moving, what you’re saying as you’re saying, what you’re doing as you’re doing things.

See yourself as others see you as you’re also seeing out of your own head.

That sort of thing.

That observer will be available to you to narrate or at least “be there noticing” as you dream… like being your own Morgan Freeman. Heck, you could use his voice if you like.


Oh it’s totally on topic: [to me, whatever I’m talking about is on topic – I don’t care about the OP tongue emoticon ]

I don’t know the connection of weed or not, although I would think depressives would make it harder. Not sure though.

I’m on a steady diet of coffee and cigarettes, so I suspect they play a big part in making vivid dreaming and lucid dreaming easier for me.

I also have a strange sleep schedule: I sleep twice a day in 3 hr segments. Been doing it for about 2.5 years now. It started off as an experiment. “How little sleep can I get away with”, and fell into a pattern where if I broke my day up into two segments, I got more stuff done that I wanted to AND managed to accomplish all the stuff ppl asked of me as well.


But yeah, please challenge anything I say with the utmost skepticism and questioning. Maybe I _am_ full of shit, or partially so: there’s no way for you to know unless you question and critique. I welcome it. I always learn more about myself in the process.


But I’m always trying to cram as much in as I can. I put this together yesterday. I’d saved bookmarks over a 3 yr period, downloaded snapshots of as many as I could, and put them together in one place, so I could see 3 years of “what was interesting to me” in a short time frame.

Sort of a brain-dump. I have a few brain dumps over the Internet. Most of the ones in this collection are from 2013/2014 with a few in 2015/6 as well, but I’d stopped fanatically collecting as much for this part of my project by then. I found an easy way to grab website screenshots (using khtmltoimage and with a bit of fiddling, I was able to put this together in an hour or so.

I think we humans are FAR FAR more capable of stuff than we give ourselves credit for (and sometimes we give ourselves TOO MUCH credit but that’s another direction) and it’s worth pushing one’s self to see what one is capable of.


Thanks grin emoticon First version I did was all depressing and too short. 33 seconds. I did the math and realized, “shit, that’s 90 FRAMES PER SECOND and youtube can’t do 90 FRAMES PER SECOND, so there was data loss. I wanted it to catch all of them and not cheat. So I redid it and with happier music.

This version (the first) sounded like someone made it after I died or gave up or something. Still, I kept it because it inspired a kid already who said, “dam i guna do that” so that was cool.



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