that “flow” sensation – t…”

Oh Flow flow flow – oh, you hit one of my favorite books of all time. I read it when it FIRST came out, and I was so engaged with it. it is one of the few books that I read SLOWLY (most books i read quickly) – I had 3×5 index cards and was taking notes. I’d stop reading, and sit and reflect on something he said. And my brain just went “pop pop pop” all over the place – the way he connected EVE…RYTHING together for me. That seemingly mystical, magical moment where your muscles and your brain and your focus – everything just coordinates in perfect synchronization, where the ‘chatterbox’ in the head is still and quiet. there’s Flow in play, in work, in life. I get it when I’m playing the piano – something “snaps into place” – and it’s as if the trickle of creativity becomes a FIREHOSE. But it doesn’t take much to lose that “flow” sensation – t… “

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