THAT BEING SAID:  I vote.  [Kenneth Udut, 3016-03-06]

I don’t care who wins because I believe the system of checks and balances is a very powerful and successful system for increasing inefficiency and stability of government by limiting powers of any individual. Also, there’s the electoral system, which is honestly a bit of genius, considering this election cycle.

I vote.

a) I like seeing the “8” turn into a “9” on the screen.
b) I think it’s an optional civic duty to participate in the process, however flawed, and I usually opt-in.
c) votes for everything ELSE _does_ make a difference, even if the presidential vote influence is limited.
d) I get a sticker
e) I get a right to complain because nobody can say, “Well, you don’t vote, so …”

For 15 minutes of my life? It’s worth a little trip.

By far, the best response i’ve seen. ” – replied the guy who asked about it.

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