Thanksgiving, American Spirits, White Privilege, Boy Scouts, Native Americans


  • CJ Statement: You are an historian and psychologist.

    Question: Why do I smoke American Spirits in return for Thanksgiving?
  • Kenneth Udut CJOoh, limiting my contexts to two. Ouch! Eek. Zee pain.
    Gotta brainstorm aloud first, out of context ’til I narrow down to the constraints:
    There’s multiple accounts of thanksgiving history, some complimentary, some contradictory. All fables (what isn’t? – some just more workable than others: my bias towards and backwards)…

    Traditional American 4th Grade School Play
    Hack and slash Pilgrim and/or Puritan death squad
    Religious Freedom Fighter (Pilgrim and/or Puritan)
    Peaceful innocent Native American
    Land grabbing White Man Small Pox infecting
    Peace-treaty Signing (several signed in several places)
    I’ve noticed about 11 accounts, different dates and places, different treaties, different Native American Accounts, different perspectives of history but I’m sure there’s more. [my only research was to counter a hack-and-slash death squad account on new atheist forum, which I’m not.. I just want them to get their history a little better educated so they don’t sound so dumb when they’re otherwise seemingly smart [Dawkings/Hitchens – please shush out there for a bit – your religous groupies are getting riled up again]

    American Spirits. “All Natural”. image of peace pipe smoking stereotypical Indian complete with feather hat.

    Total Boy Scout Cigarette honestly. I would’ve taken up smokng at the age of 9 if I saw those things. Graphics match up PERFECTLY with Traditional American 4th Grade School Play Indian and Boy Scout Mythology.

    Ah ha. There’s the linkup.

    4th Grade School Play. Ideals of Gratitude and Peace.
    Life Happens.
    Learn White Privilege. Learn alternate accounts of Thanksgiving.
    Feel Guilty.
    Possibly See Indian Chief crying by the garbage.
    Feel like throwing up and suiciding.
    Time passes.
    Smoking because it’s fun to play with smoke.
    [I’m grateful nicotene free vape is here for the kiddies to play with now. Now middle schoolers can play with smoke and not get hooked]

    Persuaded by images on the package that harken back to 4th grade school play and boy scout native american mysticism… smoking American Spirits is giving back to the Indians.

    [plus the assumption that, “it must be owned by Native Americans because of the packaging” because of all those casinos and they’re really all rich and just pretending to live on reservations eating spam and getting diabetes and alcohol poisoning… and those that are still living on reservations are just stupid and should be capitalists like us and … blah blah then UH, WHITE PRIVILEGE kicks in… Guilt.

    Better switch brands.

    And look honey, it’s all natural! Like your Vegan Raw Food Shake! We’re GOOD to the environment now! It’s ok that we’re rich! Yay!

    ::: Curtain ::


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