THANKFULLY I’m not totally neckbeard

THANKFULLY I’m not totally neckbeard, but I _do_ have a beard on my neck, and I have “leanings” in that way, just as I also have leanings towards New Age Hippie type – among others. So I try to stay in the middle… which is _also_ likely a stereotype too tongue emoticon

I’m the same with the things I’m competitive in. Like in the example I gave for “winning discussions” by making friends. In the end, I don’t care if I “win a debate” or even if I get a friend request – the person can hate me afterwards.

But I _do_ strive to be better at the end of the night than I was when I came in.

So I guess the competition is self-competition: I’m trying to be better today than I was in the past. I don’t like being stagnant.

Well, they’re young yet and not every man can grow a beard. And beards aren’t required tongue emoticon

I know PLENTY of female neckbeards. I also know male meangirls. I mean the stereotypes are never 100% accurate for anybody – we’re all unique individuals – but they can help “people sorting” as it were if needed.


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