Thankfully I don’t concern myself about them being like tears in the rain.

very nice scene. Yes, I can see the connection!
Thankfully I don’t concern myself about them being like tears in the rain.
Yes, I know information is functionally destroyed, despite the quantum physics promise that “information is never destroyed at the quantum level”, or rather it is effectively inaccessible.
And it bothers me that information that _is_ savable isn’t properly cared for. Companies delete entire social media forums that people had built their identities and relationships upon without a thought. That’s how it is and that’s sad to me for those people that had invested themselves into them.
Time moves forward despite “time is an illusion”. It effectively isn’t an illusion and is quite real and we go through stages and eventually go away.
BUT to be granted this experience! This amazing experience to exist.
I shouldn’t exist. I was born at 6.5 months. If I was born 30 years before I was at 6.5 months, I would not exist at all as the technology for me to be saved did not exist 30 years prior to my birth.
I don’t know the reason or even speculate much really. I’m just grateful and I share what I can while I can to who will listen, not to live forever or be remembered consciously but because I don’t think a drop of caring is wasted.
For unlike tears in the rain which is digital and countable, love expands and grows. A moment of care can activate unseen things that expand into other things that we will never know about. And none of it is wasted. It is of a different nature than teardrops and rain.
I am the witness that I am. From the time I was young they said, “Kenny beats to a different drummer”.
My striving towards being an authentic presentation of myself to the world is likely the best I am capable of and it is what I encourage out of others.
If the best you happens to align with a set of existing ethics then by all means, follow it.
But if the best you follows a different track, maybe that’s your track instead.
 Have you ever done or said something that did not align itself with yourself and you felt at odds with yourself because of it?
 You can’t go through life without a metric from which to compare your thoughts, beliefs and actions with.
I don’t know what works for everybody else. You may be right about that.
But I have a strong internal gyroscope that strongly needs to be centered for when it’s not I’m “not myself” and I don’t like who I am and what I become when I am “not myself”.
It’s my body, my mind and my emotions but it’s also “not me” in those times until I find my center again.
Well, it sounds fine to me. If you have a drive to pursue this and you put yourself into it to your best capacity, particularly if the goal is noble and may help people be better than they might be without your assistance, you have my support.
This is what I mean by authenticity: following this drive you are pursuing, particularly if it has a noble aim.
I’m ok with that. Ideally, a freely chosen collective is also in alignment with my way of thinking.
Let me give an analogy for what I mean by alignment and true.
In door framing, a door frame is “true” if it is aligned from top to bottom.
So when I talk about true and truth, alignment, centered, authenticity, it is akin to a door that is properly installed in a wall.
Being authentic, being true, being in alignment, being centered — these things are all structural, not only or even so much for an individual’s own integrity – but also and more importantly because to be TRUE is to functional for the entire structure and for whatever the needs are of the structure.
but an impatient builder who attempts to rush installing a door and does not see if it is true or aligned, is not going to have a good structure.
Usage is crucial. It’s how you know it’s functioning or not. Adjust when there are mistakes. Use it again. Keep adjusting.

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