Thank you Simon. Yes, it’s quite simply “a well done movie” even all by itself.

Thank you Simon. Yes, it’s quite simply “a well done movie” even all by itself. I see movies as roller-coaster rides. Some are slow, some are fast but I enjoy the ride when it’s well done. I also happen to enjoy the star wars mythology, although I was more of a fan of the star trek universe back in the day.

I also enjoyed The Lego Movie and will recommend it just as highly. A good movie is a good movie.


General consensus seems to be (and for a change, general consensus is correct imo) it matches the quality of the originals. You have to consider 30 years have gone by. Of course they could just STOP.

They could just STOP.

But why? New generations. And the new generations ought to get the opportunity to get a similar roller coaster ride.

Doesn’t mean you _have_ to see it but I don’t think you’d be horrendously disappointed if you did. Of course if you didn’t, that’s ok too.


I’m ok with echoing the original storyline. I think they did nearly the impossible rather well:

a) reboot of the original series
b) satisfying new younger viewers (after all, Star Wars *is* primarily a kids movie)
c) satisfying us oldies whose childhoods have the originals in mind.

They grabbed the ‘spirit’ or ‘ethos’ of the original, which I would’ve thought to be impossible, considering 1-2-3.

But they did it. And.. oddly enough, I *care* about the new cast. I was surprised at myself but I care what happens next.



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