Thank you Kenneth Rogoff!

I did well (beat the indexes by far which wasn’t hard ’cause I did my investing from 1999-2002 DRiP style contrarian – my mentor was who was writing for CBS Marketwatch and we corresponded for a bit. Totally “clicked” with my way of thinking).

Lived off the proceeds that kept growing, picking away at them ’til I ran out of it by 2014.

No $ for investing now but I enjoyed it. One of my most successful stocks was, of all things, a natural gas transport company that had a route from Texas to Ohio with some other branchings.

Low PE, conservative on fast expansion (they weren’t trying to take over the world)… did great for a long time, had a few nice splits.

Its day finally went but not before 10 years of “extra $” I got to draw from. Even when I sold my last bit of stock, they were still ahead of where I started from.

Never messed with penny stocks though. Hung on to some of them (solids who tanked) for WAY too long.


Funny thing is, I don’t know much about him beyond his articles in Marketwatch. I tripped over an ancient 17 year old email and saw his name again a month ago or so and looked him up. To me, he was just some dude whose ideas ‘clcked well’ with me. I should write him a thank you note: he was right tongue emoticon


Oh damn, he wrote (or at least stuck his name on) a book. – I might actually read a book on finance. I love long-view history.



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