Thank you! I had credits just sitting there doing

Thank you! I had credits just sitting there doing nothing for over 20 years. I was stunned that they were acceptable. It made for a nice head start. This past semester i made it “easy” on myself and took a “math for liberal arts” (which didn’t exist before and i love the idea as it’s kind of a more practical finite math), religion (out of the list in the required slot I knew I’d enjoy it and I did), and Intro to Women’s Studies. That mattered to me because the State of Florida banned the women’s studies degree at Florida’s New College (which was formed using the same formation documents as Hampshire College) and it’s likely they would soon start removing it as an option even at an intro level at other schools (not yet but I’m pretty sure they will) – so I wanted to be sure and take at least one of the famous “gender studies” courses in my life before it’s gone. And I’m glad I did. It was enjoyable and i learned a lot about the contributions of women in American history and got to write some fun essays.

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