Thank you Anne Brown Davidson for getting me into Vail-Deane, whoever you were!

Ah. Must’ve been this little ad from January 1986. As far as the Internet is concerned, nothing much happened before 1999. Still, it’s getting better and better as more and more newspapers are scanning and indexing their archives, so at least if it appeared in some newspaper, there’s a _chance_ it’ll show up somewhere. Who is Anne Brown Davidson? According to the ‘net, the name of a Scholarship given 4 years in a row. Not much beyond that. Lots of missing info on the Internet just yet, but I was happy to find this. No consequence regarding Fine, just fact-checking.

School itself shut down in 1991, a year after I graduated after 122 years straight of operation. The shut-down was a big scam. But, even in a dying institution that was doing everything to stave off that impression, I don’t feel uneducated at all, and my classmates all became Doctors and Lawyers and PhD’s and Scholars, just like their parents tongue emoticon


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