Thank you All-Merciful Savi

Thank you All-Merciful Saviour Orthodox Christian Monastery – this is something for us all to keep in mind:


Correcting Others is like Hitting Them

When focusing on the sins of others, we set for ourselves the mission of correcting them. We see ourselves as just the right person to help this poor, unfortunate person by pointing out their sins, and telling them how they can be a better person. We are not of course being critical, but helpful. Don’t take offense, we say, for we are only trying to help you see your flaws, that you can become a good person. We are pointing out your error because we love you, and as a caring person we only want what is best for you.

In truth, such a spirit of correction is likely to be counterproductive. Our corrections can be like hitting the person, and our critical analysis of their behavior, or personality, or even their sins, can cause more damage than good. If we truly wish to help them, we will offer good and kind thoughts, speak with words of love and encouragement, and pray for them. We are not doing them a favor by serving as their self appointed therapist, passing judgement on their behavior, and correcting them as though we were an official appointed by the court. Words of encouragement are far more likely to help the person change, than critical feedback.”

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