tests-for-am-i-on-the-right-track-ness; seems to be doing well*

tests-for-am-i-on-the-right-track-ness; seems to be doing well*

“The Discover-Me Series” is an enlightening collection of books that aims to guide children on a journey of self-discovery, exploring different facets of themselves and their place in the world. From self-reflection to social interaction, each book touches on a key aspect of human experience and presents it in a way that is both entertaining and informative for young readers.

1. **”The Little Philosopher: Discovering Myself”** – This book explores the theme of self-awareness, encouraging children to reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and identities. It helps young readers grasp the complex concept of selfhood in a simplified, kid-friendly manner.

2. **”Mirror, Mirror in the Machine: Reflecting Myself in Technology”** – In this installment, children are guided through the relationship between themselves and technology. It highlights how technology can be a mirror, reflecting aspects of our identities and capabilities.

3. **”Community Companions: My Life in Our Neighborhood”** – This book introduces the concept of community and interpersonal relationships. It illustrates how individuals are interconnected in the society they live in, underscoring the importance of cooperation and understanding.

4. **”Speaking My Mind: Exploring Words and Languages”** – This installment focuses on language and communication as key self-expression tools. It fosters linguistic awareness and invites children to play with words and languages, promoting multilingualism and empathy.

5. **”Breathing and Beating: The Story of My Body and Nature”** – Here, the interconnection between the human body and nature is explored, fostering an understanding of biology and our role as living beings in the ecosystem.

6. **”My Body, My Doctor: Learning About Health and Wellness”** – This book is dedicated to health awareness, teaching children about the human body, disease prevention, and the importance of maintaining good health.

7. **”Counting the Cosmos: My Journey Through the Universe”** – This book takes children on a journey to the stars, encouraging them to ponder their place in the universe and fostering interest in astronomy and cosmology.

8. **”Inventor’s Playground: Making and Discovering Fun Things”** – This book encourages creativity and curiosity, inspiring children to explore the world of inventions and technological advancements.

9. **”Mother Earth’s Keeper: Learning to Care for Our Planet”** – This book centers around environmental awareness, teaching children about conservation, sustainability, and their roles as earth stewards.

10. **”Circles of Friends: Understanding Society and Me”** – This book illustrates how children fit into their social circles and broader society, promoting understanding of social structures and relationships.

11. **”Journey Through Emotions: Adventures in Feeling and Expressing”** – This book helps children understand and navigate their emotional landscape, providing them tools to express and manage their feelings.

12. **”School of Life: Sharing What I Learn”** – This book emphasizes the importance of learning and sharing knowledge, inspiring children to embrace both roles – as learners and as teachers.

13. **”The Big Questions: Exploring Beliefs, Ethics, and Spirituality”** – The final book in the series invites children to ponder bigger questions about beliefs, morality, and spirituality, fostering open-mindedness and acceptance.

*I won’t necessarily make these but I wouldn’t say I won’t but re-envisioning these 13 frameworks for self-understanding as children’s books is helping me cement more and more their semi–distinctiveness, which is tricky because there is overlapping between them.

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