Tesla Edison education

My nephew is 10. They covered Edison and tesla here in fl with Edison being the bad guy and tesla the misunderstood hero.

In nj, they went Gaga over Edison in 3rd grade-4th grade. But 5th grade a more sober teacher went over the controversy and noted with sadness that tesla was underutilized in the war between Edison and Westinghouse. I looked at my Edison medallion a little sad but I still respected him for being a smart businessman giving jobs to engineers. (When they listened to him). Tesla needed an agent.

I’m 43 now so my experience was 1980-82 nj. My nephews is 2014/15 fl

Finding “secret writings” is easy. Memes are easy. But fact checking “did he REALLY say that!?” Which is my passion, is harder.

I try to distinguish “said about him” from being told “he said” from transcripts of actual source material. It’s not just him. I do it for any dead person.

Even transcripts are less preferable to original scans, especially due to the politicized nature of historical accounts.

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