Teletype dreams, internet realities, BBSing and the merger of the two.

My first experience with a teletype machine was in college. It was really an old Line printer that was on its way to decomission, and I had already loved typewriters by that point (and typing in general).

So I’d print ALL of my emails out… and whenever I could, and nobody was looking, I’d stand there and start typing as fast as I could. All uppercase – I liked not thinking about the Shift key. DEC I think.

Your dream and mine came true I like how you said it, “all over technology ever since”. It’s true: I can never get enough – I also get my “revenge of the nerds” moment every once in a while when someone who would’ve mocked my interest in technology is instead the kind of person using the same type of technology that I was always into.

I *did* get one of these though in a way. In 1993, I was into BBS’s (hooking up to other ppls computers with my modem, sharing messages and pictures and… well, you know, Facebook)… and found a Texas Instruments “Silent 700″ at a garage sale for $5.

Brought it home, and hooked up to BBS’s with the teletype machine _instead_ of my computer! it was so cool.

I brought it over to a number of BBS friends’ houses and showed it off whenever I could. Old tech always interested me; and the TI Silent 700 dated back to _before I was born_… so in 1993, it was awesome to see 20+ year old technology working!

I still want my Steampunk computer. Typewriter keys, every letters gets printed as I type, but ALSO shows up here on Facebook or wherever I’m typing on the computer. [except passwords and things]

I’d get my clickity click, instant gratification of typing, while *also* sharing with the Planet.

[I’ve done it before with different equipment but I still want have it integrated where the typewriter portion is truly _classic_ typewriter]

One day

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