*Telekinesis Real? Ken i

*Telekinesis Real? Ken is not surprised*

No surprises here. No magic: Our thoughts, which travel inbetween electrons, are photons. Photons always travel in straight lines, even if the lines are very very tiny. The idea that thinking about moving a beam of light actually moves it, makes sense, because photons are really light weight, and it’s just a matter of pushing or pulling by thinking. The future will be fun, once we get over the stigma of this type of stuff. xD

”Object of Study


Aiming a beam of light at a glass slide in 2006 and 2007, Moddel asked test subjects to use their brainpower to increase the amount of reflected light. Expected reflection: 8 percent. Measured reflection: 8.005 percent. This represents a tiny but significant demonstration of mind over matter, Moddel says. Asked to decrease the amount of reflected light, subjects had similar success. ”

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