technically speaking, all of science is by definition conjecture. But it’s practical and that’s what’s nice about it.

Shouldn’t be – they’re both forms of first principles, one physical, one philosophical.

technically speaking, all of science is by definition conjecture. But it’s practical and that’s what’s nice about it.


I’d say there’s more than a whole lot left. Our successes in the sciences have gotten us into the same cockiness boat we found ourselves in the late 19th century. Comfortable with what we know. A sense of “We’re getting this whole nature thing conquered now with lots of great answers”.But for as far as we’ve come, Science is just a child in its current form. It’s losing its humility and starting to enter into non-scientific fields and seems to be going into its adolescent rebellion phase, to borrow from child development here.”I don’t need you now, Mom and Dad!”, writing its own historical accounts that favor separation from its roots.Of course that’s not Science that’s doing that but rather the culture favoring the Sciences. And, that’s fine. It’s a fascinating social development, honestly.


Ah so that reminds me: Add sociology to my list… or perhaps rather cultural anthropology.


Oh sure there is, at least how it’s practiced now. Tends to be based upon a kind of boolean logic, although some more esoteric philosophies base themselves upon multi-value logic. That’s analytical philosophy, which has become the dominant form of philosophy practiced for… I dunno how long now. They’re big on fallacies and stuff.



There may be evidence, but there’s been a trend lately within theoretical physics to allow mathematics (which itself is a measuring tool for physical reality and an ANALOGY itself of physical things, having no basis in reality on its own) to take over without necessarily requiring evidence.

It’s a fun and interesting direction but dangerous to the sciences as it causes thinking to stray from the very things that made science such a strong social force of change and into areas of philosophy, metaphysics, and a foundation of religious dogma based upon mathematics. Not really novel though – Pythagoras went there first.

It’s easy to stray too far.

This is why I am extra critical of certain aspects of the sciences: the social, political, educational and cultural: I believe in the scientific method as valid. But when it ceases to be a tool for studying the natural world and informing society and becomes a tool for political change… it’s not a good thing.


Power corrupts when not watched carefully.



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