Teaching, Learning, Writing a Book – what is a master teacher?

Well, there’s a thing about teaching. Now, I don’t teach professionally – made different life-choices – but I teach wherever I go.

The thing about teaching is: You learn more when you teach. Whenever I learn something new, I _share_ with others: That’s teaching. When I’m able to teach somebody else what I *think* I know, THAT’S when I’m sure I know it.

But when I’m learning it without teaching, I’m never _quite sure_ or worse, I get lost in my own _certainty_… that is.. until I try to teach it, and fail.

If I can’t teach it, I didn’t learn it. I was just full of the emotion of confidence, which led me astray.

Even if you do pure research, EVENTUALLY, you’ll be teaching, in the form of a submitted paper perhaps. That’s when you’ll discover what you really know.


As far as teaching the same content in the same way, well, a good teacher won’t. They’ll change it up given the circumstances, that is, unless they’ve found a method that works REALLY REALLY well for a diverse population of students. Then that teacher is a master teacher – like Feynman – he was a master teacher. Even with him, I don’t think he explained things the same way twice either. Yet a single book, read by many, is the equivalent of standing in front of multitudes of students teaching. If you can get multitudes of people to understand using the same words (encapsulated in a book – or standing in front of a classroom) the same way? It’s an amazing thing when you really think about it.

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