“te vas a dar cuenta”

“te vas a dar cuenta”
JUMPED OUT at me as I’m watching the 1959 Mexican Spanish dub of Donald in Mathematic Land. I know all the words but it’s not ‘clicking’. Seeing several translators, I was unhappy until I did a word-by-word. “You are () going to give count”
and THEN it clicked in as a kind of “you’ll be able to recount” – or “you’ll be able to tell everybody you know” – or like a court case “you’ll be able to give account” –

or a more loosely related English phrase:

“You can count on it”.

and THAT shows me the “pun” that was right in front of me. Far better than the dictionary “You will realize”. I found the phrase in a wonderful tweet that shows the gravity implied by it. Or in shorter form “bet”. [as in “you can bet” which implies counting.

And – even if some of my guesses here aren’t correct, I will be more likely to remember this, having worked through it some.

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