tardis shaped mini computer by the bbc given away? awesome

a tardis shaped/colored mini computers – that’s awesome :)

I’m a big fan of things like this.  There will come a point, of course, where programmers are no longer an elite class and are as commonplace as authors trying to make the next big novel, but I’ll be white-haired by then.  but out of the commonplace programmers, a few will stand up above the rest.

My generation of hackers/programmers and the one before me, were the ones that helped made the Internet of today.

Generation Y is improving it tremendously.

And Generation Z?  Well, the world is going to be simply amazing.  I have great hopes and it’s things like this, planting seeds far and wide and seeing what grows.


6:10 PM

Still, I think they’re starting too old.  I’d start at Kindergarten.   But at least it’s something for those who already are starting to get an interest.  Kudos BBC :)


6:13 PM

[actually, I’d start from birth; check this father out:  Is he father of the year?  Or child abuse?  Who can say, but it’s still awesome… and I’m frankly jealous :P ]



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