Tandy Users R People 2 – July 4, 1992

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Memory Size = 768K
                                   {but it feels like 16K, no Extended BASIC}

From Ken, July 3, 1992:


        This issue of T.U.R.P.2. is a bit of playing "catchup".  I've
been busying myself with other projects, including learning Turbo
Pascal, getting re-aquainted with PC-Link (even though I officially
shouldn't be there yet, for reasons to be revealed next issue), and
other things.
        I'll be publishing T.U.R.P.2. on a regular basis, as it seems to
fill a void.  It will be regularly posted to PC-Link/America Online/Prominade
(what are you doing with Prominade if you have a Tandy? :D ), as well as
on the comp.sys.tandy Usenet NewsGroup and around the local BBS's in the
Roselle Park area.  Look for it and feel free to comment!    --Ken

A:\>  T.U.R.P.2. (Tandy Users R People Too!):  What is it?

You.  If you are a proud owner of a TRS-80, CoCo or Tandy Computer, then
you very much belong here!  This is basically a text file that is for
all Tandy/Radio Shack computer owners to tell you one thing:

                           YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I love my Tandy 1000 TL, just as much as I loved my 16K Color Computer.

And yet, because of that, I get hassled by Ex-Tandy owners who say "Oh,
those Radio Shack computers are HORRIBLE!  Why, the people at Radio Shack
don't know what they're talking about..."  or by non-Tandy owners who'll
say "Oh, Ken... a TANDY?  Why, they're the most overpriced, underequiped
computer around!  You really got ripped off.  My generic IBM clone works
1000% better than your Tandy..."

I'm sure you've all gotten that.  In fact, I know there's some of you out
there who are on Model I/II/III/IV's, 6000's, CoCo's, and the infamous
early 1000's and the 2000's, and you LOVE them, despite all the criticism!

I applaud you, because you STICK with your computers!  You don't fall into
the trap of buying a faster computer just because it's the latest model.
You don't do something because "everybody else is doing it".  You are
actually spending your time USING your computer instead of upgrading!

"The world's an IBM/386 world out there, baby, and you gotta go with the
flow".  No I don't!  I know I could get a different/faster computer than
what I have, but why?  I love my Tandy and I'm proud of it!

B:\> CoCo BASIC Games and a Tandy lover's mailing address :)

I think this is a great idea!
Having owned/used various tandy systems since 1981 (or was it '82?), I have
some great stories to contribute. (I even have a box full of Coco BASIC games
I wrote if you want them too :-)
Unfortunately, my Internet access will cease the end of this week. Yes, after
four long years I will be graduating.
If you decide to go to a paper newsletter in addition (I think it is a good
idea), my mailing address is:
Jonathan Davidson
3453 Dutch Village Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3N 2S7
Let me know what you decide (if you do so before Friday) about going to paper.
Jonathan Davidson
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia

C:\> TYPE TURP2_2.DOC | FIND "Tandy User since 1988"

From:   IN%"agt!aguilla@cs.ualberta.CA" 27-APR-1992 15:36:27.35
Subj:	Tandy User since 1988

I acquired a Tandy 1000EX from a user who went to an IBM clone to obtain a 
more economical Hard Disk. The ex-user had expanded the Tandy to where per
radio shack promotional material added to more than $3000 (Canadian). As I
was able to obtain the machine plus printer for a price that was equal to
the latest home Tandy on the market less the expansions, I thought it was a
good deal.

As I am not planning to expand it further, and am quite happy with the two
floppy drives and the 640K it has, I am satisfied to now.

The Tandy Software (Deskmate) has a number of features I rather do without,
and like to replace it with something as long as it does not cost very much
(or any thing at all!).

For the rest it is fairly compatible with software designed for the IBM DOS
2.1, I find the CGA OK for anything I do. Why should I change?

If I would be forced to buy a new computer, I would probably not go to a
Tandy unless the price would again be low enough. (And I would have to be
pretty careful that the tricks Tandy plays, I can live with as is!)

                       .....[another from August].....

Ken Udut wrote:

>Overall, though... they're definately not a bad company to deal with.  At
>least if you don't like one Radio Shack, there's bound to be another a few
>miles away!

Here in the west, a Radio Shack store is often the only one in a small town
with any hope of finding someone who knows what is going on in terms of
some friendly support. In the few big cities there are more stores around,
and it depends who is working where.

+ August Guillaume             + Internet: agt!aguilla@cs.Ualberta.ca +
+ Senior Researcher            +       or: aguilla%agt@cs.Ualberta.ca +
+ AGT Research & Development   +     UUCP: alberta!agt!aguilla        +
+ 500 Capitol Square           +                                      +
+ 10065 - Jasper Ave           +    Voice: (403) 493-3677             +
+ Edmonton, Alberta CAN        +      Fax: (403) 493-4277             +
+ T5J-3B1                      +                                      +

D:\> Andy with a Dandy Tandy      [sorry - couldn't resist! --Ken]

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 92 18:06:45 PDT
From: abeals@autodesk.COM

I have a Tandy 1000 -- I don't think it has any letters following its
name -- sure doesn't on the case.  It has 1 5.25" floppy [360k?],
a 10meg hard drive, 640k of ram and the third [and final, sniff] slot
is taken up with a card that has a DB25 and a DB9 on it.  I bought the
thing a year ago for a friend, who is now dead, to use as a spare.  I
plugged in my humungo monitor for the blind into it, cleaned up the
connectors on the hard drive, ran the case and keyboard through
the dishwasher [Ken was a smoker] and it works great.  

So what can I do with this thing?
I guess I can get a centronix printer cable to plug into the edge
connector on the back..
I can get a joystick so I can play M1 Tank Platoon better.

There's a light pen port.
There's a video port [composite video?  plug into my video player? why?]
There's a sound port [same sound as on the speaker?]

So the thing has 16 colors [cool!] and some sort of sound chip...

Any idea where I can get T1000 programming info?

	andy, with his first ms-dos machine
Andrew Scott Beals	abeals@autodesk.com, kc6sss@n6ldl.#nocal.ca.usa.na
Vivu libere a>u mortu!

E:\> Re: Tandy 1400 and adding another disk drive...

From:   HAMP::KUDUT        "Y-Rights@SJUVM Listowner"  2-MAY-1992 03:55:06.69
To:	IN%"petrocco@attmail.att.COM"

Hmm.... I'm not sure about using an Internal-type floppy drive with the
1400.  Cheapest and safest thing to do would be to look in the latest
"Computer Shopper" or "PCM Magizine" for ads of discount Tandy suppliers.
These companies will sell you the -real- Tandy products at a fraction of
the cost.

Soemtimes using a non-Tandy part with something like their laptops might
not be the wisest idea.  It might be worth a shot to use a non-Tandy
external drive, but remember that it may not work properly.  And when it
comes to something like your data storage, a little extra investment can
mean the difference between storage and garbage.

Ask around locally and see what people think.  Maybe your local computer
guru can help you out.


F:\>  Problems with a 3000NL

From:   IN%"BABITSJ@hsdwl.utc.COM"  5-MAY-1992 17:00:53.97

Hi Ken:
I got your message from a BBS I believe in N.J. A Tandy Newsletter sounds
like a good idea. I especially need some technical assistance, and at
$95.95 can't really afford the service manual. I have a 3000NL, and 
appear to be having a lot of trouble with interrupts, mostly in my
Chinese made video card. I suppose I should either buy name brand stuff,
or buy direct from Tandy, but Tandy's prices are outrageous for the kind
of equipment you get. I mean, an 8-bit video (VGA) card for $149.00?
I can get a genuine 16 bit card for that price, but then again with the
Tandy card I'm assured compatibility.

Another sticking point is the fact that my BIOS dosen't support IDE
drive technology. I can either replace the BIOS, buy a card at extra 
expense that privides the BIOS for the IDE controller, and again face
compatibility problems, or go the even more expensive SCSI route. All 
this for a 286 that I've basically outgrown.

Well, enough of my problems, back to the issue at hand. It would be nice
to have one source to get answers and suggestions for Tandy machines. A 
good source for information on COCOs is the RCIS network, which is where I
believe I got your address. (NO, it wasn't...I remember...I think it was 
The Batcave, or Kid's Playpen) RCIS (Rainbow) is at 201-967-1061, and is
primarily for COCO users, with lots of support for OS/9. You can also 
reach a guy on the west coast named Eric Levinson who  works for Tandy
as a computer specialist, and is familiar with a lot of their systems. 
He can be reached on INTERNET as LEVINSON@vax.sonoma.edu also.

I assume the hamp.hampshire means you attend Hampshire College in 
Amherst MA. If so, I'm basically just down the road in Ware, about 14 
miles away. That should make it very easy to communicate, as long as 
you are attending school. 

Well, this is lengthy enough. I think, unless you're REALLY sharp on
internet, that you can only respond by REPLYing to the messages I send
to you. Either that, or I also belong to PVCC BBS in Westfield (568-4466)
and can be reached through them. Good luck in your endeavor!

John Babits


Here's the many, many places you can send me stuff:
K Udut                                  PC-Link/America Online/Prominade
kudut@hamp.hampshire.edu                Internet/Bitnet/UUCP
>INTERNET: kudut@hamp.hampshire.edu     Compuserve
Kenneth Udut @ 1:107/952  1:107/900     Fidonet

Kenneth Udut - T.U.R.P.2.
P.O. Box 151
Roselle Park, NJ 07204-0151

* If I get some money together, I'm going to install another phone line
  and start up a Tandy-Specific BBS.  I'd like to use XENIX as the Operating
  System.  If anyone has experience in it (I can't afford it just yet),
  contact me as well :)

* FREE Advertising is available.  Send ads and I'll put 'em here.

* Personals are available too for Tandy people that want only Tandy people! :)

* In fact, any item you send to me and want in here WILL be put in!

* I'm thinking of making this Paper as well as Electronic.  Any thoughts?

* If there are other Tandy-Specific publications, please send me a copy.

* Thanks again for reading this!  Have a wonderful evening!

T.U.R.P.2.  (c) 1992  Kenneth Udut  (CopyME, CopyME!, not copyright!!)


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