(takes about 40 seconds to get

^(takes about 40 seconds to get interesting) Warning: song does contain SOME bad language. It's ok if you don't like it. I happen to like it. Not the lyrics – don't care about them either way – but the rhythm of the rap artists, the collaboration of several artists in one song and the spooky guitar and drum beat which gives you that spooky feeling.

Quick review of #strangeulationcypher by lil' ol me. Bet you didn't know I review new music. I don't do it on Facebook because, well, I never think to.

I like all kinds of music. This new release from #techn9ne is fantastic and the #spooky guitar and rock #drum and some very strong #rap #artists makes this a great listen. I don't pay much mind to lyrics about #conspiracy or who is better etc. The conspiracy lyrics just sells iTunes, Tshirts, etc. They could have sung about wildflowers and sunshine – and if you look past the need to say the N word to prove some kind of point against #eminem – a common target – nevertheless, #strangemusicinc has a very strong release here.^

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