Take the bottom left vertical in the 8. Move it to the right and flip it upside down.


As the matchhead upsidedown forms an exclamation mark, I can move one match.

Take the bottom left vertical in the 8. Move it to the right and flip it upside down.

You have 509!

Beat that.


multi-pronged attack. For me, I shoot for the lateral answers first. This brings me “outside of the system” (which is satisfying in itself).

Meanwhile, as I’m figuring out the lateral answers, I *also* keep in mind possible “straightforward” answers to the question.

But I keep most of my energies towards the lateral. Why?

Rhetoric. Convincing power. This is especially important when dealing with other people particularly when they are attempting to ‘railroad’ you into an “indisputable conclusion”.

By stepping outside of any potential boundaries immediately, and only THEN start dealing with the problem-as-expected, you’ve already taken your leave, out of the direct control they have over you in the logic-game (thought experiment, whatever) allowing you more degrees of freedom to make choices from INCLUDING ones they expect but also including many they’d never consider.


There’s room for both I believe. Definitely room for both.

I critique / criticize people who believe that logic is the foundation of the Universe, as I see that way of thinking as just another religion with a different deity.

At the same time, whether or not they go that far with it, there’s no denying the practical viability of logic and philosophy and staying within limits.

I just wouldn’t want to be stuck there. But some people find that as their freedom – a machine they understand and can control that brings meaning and purpose to reality for them.

A rebel is drawn to war but in becoming a soldier is limited by army disciplines.

I could see where an intelligent military can harness this power and why the process of breaking down and rebuilding character is so important to them.


You guys are hogging up all the deep talk here. I can’t compete just yet. [I have to sand some spackle] But I’m following this. Love where y’all are going with this.






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