Those of us who are FAR AWAY from statue topplings and movings don’t always know the whole story. We see statue go “boom”. But when you learn why statue-go-boom, what you think you see isn’t always what’s there. “On Saturday afternoon, a group of about five dozen indigenous activists of all ages — children and elders included — gathered at Father Serra Park in downtown Los Angeles, just south of Olvera Street. As Tataviam/Chumash elder Alan Salazar burned sage and invoked the spirit of his ancestors, a group of young activists bound the nearby statue of Father Junipero Serra with ropes and tore him off his pedestal to chants of “Take it down! Take it down!””

Those of us who
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Ah ha! It’s small _but_ significant. Oscillatory neural network requires no computation as it utilizes universal properties of harmonics. Remember that video of the metronomes getting in sync with one another? Yeah, that. Kuramoto model. What’s awesome about the Kuramoto model is that, inbetween the coupled oscillations, you can have an infinite variety of combinations of smaller oscillations — SO LONG AS they’re in sync at the beats. See: CHINESE REMAINDER THEOREM. “Clock math” can model it but it naturally works as it’s a universal physics thing. Good good. I’m happy they’re working with this.

Ah ha! It’s small
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Mixing implies there’s purity. The notion of “racial purity” is absurd. Hence, argument is absurd and dumb. Simple. Explain how family trees can be pure? What does that entail? Which families are allowed to procreate with each other through time and which families are incorrect? It’s an absurd argument.

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I’m basically a scientist at heart. Born and raised online since ’89 since I was 17 years old., Internet’s structure is a fascinating beast. The protocols are basically agnostic in nature. Value is not placed upon packets – at least wasn’t until video prioritizing – and is often held up as a “socialist system” in construction. When you consider that it’s borne of military + university, that should not be surprising. In both the currency is basically “company store” – ie – the government is the store. IETF is basically “the government” of the internet and it’s the kind of government I like. Voluntary, invisible, functioning.

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