It’s not spitting in the wind though. There’s you here and me here in this strange and fascinating online environment, having a conversation that would be impossible by any other means. We’ve never met in person. We’ll probably never meet in person. Yet, we’ve corresponded for about 25 years now. Our life paths are different, unique. I’m probably speaking from a perspective that’s been of relative safety. You’re probably speaking from a perspective that’s been harsher than my experience has gone. My political thoughts are weak – it’s not what I’m made of. I ultimately don’t see hope to be found in this political leader or that. Right now, I’m experimenting, trying out “what it feels like” to support a guy. Never did it before. Probably never will again. It’s exhausting as I’m not usually much for this stuff.

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“Lopez isn’t the first person Dunn has shot and killed. The commissioner accidentally shot and killed someone when he was 19 years old.” $20 ax. Store insurance covers that ax. A lot will say, “Yay, an ax was SAVED!” or “That bullet saved an expensive trial” (Stand Your Ground). But no. Vigilante style justice has no place in a civil society, even if sanctioned by law (for now).

“Lopez isn’t the first

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Mike and I have our political differences but he’s right in this case. On a State, County, Local and volunteer level, restoration efforts are swift while through and careful. Search and Rescue teams jumped into high gear quickly, both official and volunteer. Comfort shelters opened up quickly so people can get a break, power restoration has been swift. Clearing roads with search and rescue is usually the first step and it takes a few days to clear things up completely. Lots of chainsaws working right now.

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