Hi, I’m with ABC News. Are these your photos and video? Can we have permission to use it on all partners and platforms with credit to you? Thanks! I’m with NBC New York. Will you grant NBCU permission to use the photos and video on all partners and platforms? We’ll give you credit ABC7-WJLA here in D.C. Can we have permission to use these photos? With credit to you of course! I can also send you the link to the story once up. Thanks! may CBS use your photos of the woman injured? We will creidt you on TV and online. Thank you I’m a reporter from the Evening Standard in London. Would we be able to use these photos with a credit to you? Thanks! Hi there, I’m a reporter from DailyMail.com. Would it be possible to use these pics on our site. We can give you full credit. Thanks! Hi, I’m with NJ.com and the Star-Ledger here in New Jersey. Same question. Also wondering if you were available for a really quick interview. Thank you. Hi, I am writing from the sunonline in the Uk . We are covering this incident. Can we please use your images in an article on this please? Hi Ricky, I’m with the television news program Inside Edition. May we please have permission to use your photos/video on our program from the incident? I sent you a direct message as well. Thank you Hi—I’m with Gothamist in NYC. May we have permission to use your photos? And let me know if you’re free for an interview. Thank you! can @metro.co.uk use this photo? We can credit you, thanks , I’m a digital producer with CBSPhilly in Philadelphia. May we have permission to use these photos? We will credit you of course and send you a link to the story once it up! Thank you! Good Morning I am with KTLA News in Los Angeles, May we have permission to use your pics and video of this accident? we will credit you on air. Thanks Hi I’m Tom Davis, NJ editor of Patch.com. May we use this photo and credit you? Thank you Morning, I’m a photo editor with the New York Daily News — just wondering if we could have your permission to use this image with credit back to you? Let me know, thanks! from CBS News here. Glad you are ok! Would you allow us to use this post in our coverage with credit to you? Would be used on all platforms, for affiliates and international use in perpetuity. Thank you! Hi there! I’m with ABC News. I was wondering if you took these photos/video? If so, can we use them for all platforms/partners with credit to you? Also, if I could give you a quick call to discuss what you saw, that’d be great too! Awful story. Can I get permission to use for WPIX? Thanks. Hi Ricky, I’m a reporter with The Associated Press. Did you take this photo? If so, could we please have permission to use it? Here’s our contract; if you feel comfortable please reply “yes I agree:” https://ift.tt/2NpUOmi Hi there- I’m a producer with Good Morning America- what a crazy thing to happen- hope she is doing ok. Can we have permission to use your photos/video on our shows/website? Also what is best way to get in touch with you about possible interview? Thanks, Hi there, I am contacting you from The Weather Network in Canada. We are hoping to have permission from you to use these photos and videos on our media platforms with on-screen courtesy to you? Hope to hear from you soon, thanks! Hi there, Tom from Chasing News on My 9 and Fox 5. Can I have access to the pictures you posted of the woman that was hurt by the umbrella? Thank you, Chasing News Assignment Desk I’m a journalist for The Mirror, could we get permission to use these photos? Thanks! I’m a reporter with Newsweek. Would it be okay to use these photos in our coverage? We would credit you of course. Thank you! Hi, I’m with the NY Post. I’d really appreciate it if you could give me a call at here from news agency Storyful. This must have been crazy to witness. Can our news partners use your photos and video in broadcasts and online with a courtesy to you? More details on how we will use the video at Hey man, insane pictures. I already see you’ve been blown up by news stations, so I figured one more can’t hurt. Would you be okay if @7news in Boston uses these pics and video with courtesy to you? Thanks man. ——— News is far more chaotic than most people realize. I just collected these Instagram “can I use this for my story?” from a LOT of news outlets. This guys comment section blew up – and yes, one at a time, he gave them permission.

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