I remember when I first saw these. It was a video of a dad assisting his son with a bad case of cerebral palsy, kicking the ball around. Boy was ecstatic and started exerting some decent control over predictive head movements (looking for the ball), body turning and a little pairing of arm and leg for kick, all with dad behind as the assistant/support. I worked with cerebral palsy kids 1/2 a lifetime ago for a full year, full time volunteer. [I wasn’t at college so it wasn’t for any credit. Rather it was the same cerebral palsy center *I* went to when I was preschool age and they helped me]. I had a tear in my eye watching it as it was such a simple concept yet I’d never seen it before. A chance to get out of the chair and bed, to be able to FACE FORWARD with your whole front of your body and gain a sense of “possibility”, enacting for yourself what you could only watch others do before. I may have never used this but I’ll endorse it as a very good thing.

I remember when I
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Most folks put themselves as “normal” and work around that. It’s a good test. I thought I was politically center until I took a few tests. Out of all of them, this is best for Americans as it’s accurate enough and specific enough that I couldn’t say it was totally wrong about me. No, I won’t watch the video. I form my opinions by observation of behaviors, individual and group. I form my own theories. They happen to fall in the “left libertarian” / social anarchist – call it whatever.

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Additional note regarding background/foreground: Inbetween my 5 days ago comment on background/foreground, my 13 yr old nephew came to me with a question. He wanted to know why he gets double vision of the background when he’s focusing closely on the foreground and gets double vision of the foreground when he’s focusing on background. I was stumped at first, and asked uvuncular questions to determine if he has easy conscious control of it (to know if it’s medical or just playing around), all the while trying to puzzle out what’ s happening. Then it hit me! I don’t see in 3D. I physically cannot. Born with a right lazy eye that has no central vision, I have “cyclops vision”. It’s a band that goes across like a movie, with “awareness” but not sharpness on my right side. Now I thought stereo vision worked by “popping forward” something when you get close enough to it. But I never considered “foreground / background” (as if a video game / movie / theater) is an aspect of 3D stereoscopic vision. So, I had my answer to give. A guy without 3D vision explaining a hypothetical 3D vision process to a guy with 3D vision. Blind leading the sighted. .(when I get double vision, I do not distinguish foreground / background. it’s all the same).

Additional note regarding background/foreground:
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