Very satisfying. Representation of aspects of human experience via a hybrid communications model that’s very flexible. My main interest is: one vs two way communication, and the context and location I think. I’ll have to test it out to be sure. Contexts/Aspects of Human Experience Sender Receiver Message Type Content Timestamp Channel Context Direction Response Location Privacy Level Status

Very satisfying. Representation of … [read full article]


Me: “If your every communication with self, other person, online offline, reading, listening, participating communications, whether 2 or 1 way, broadcasting sending or receiving as part of a large audience, were viewed as an online hybrid program/database model, what fields or variables (are fields and variables interchangable?)” GPT4: In the context of a hybrid program/database model, fields and variables can be seen as interchangeable. Fields typically refer to the columns in a database table, while variables are used in programming to store values. In this case, we can consider them equivalent as they both represent data elements. For the comprehensive communication model you described, the following fields or variables can be considered: Sender: The individual or entity initiating the communication (e.g., a person, a computer, a broadcasting station). Receiver: The individual or entity receiving the communication (e.g., a person, a computer, a device). MessageType: The type of communication (e.g., text, audio, video, multimedia). Content: The actual content of the communication (e.g., text, audio, or video data). Timestamp: The date and time when the communication was sent or received. Channel: The medium through which the communication takes place (e.g., email, phone call, social media platform, television, radio). Context: The context or purpose of the communication (e.g., personal, professional, educational, entertainment). Direction: Whether the communication is one-way or two-way (e.g., broadcasting, conversation, interactive). Response: The reaction or reply to the communication, if applicable (e.g., a reply to an email, a comment on a social media post, an answer to a question). Location: The geographical location of the sender and receiver, if relevant (e.g., for location-based services or regional content). PrivacyLevel: The level of privacy associated with the communication (e.g., public, private, encrypted). Status: The status of the communication (e.g., sent, delivered, read, pending, failed). These fields or variables can be used to represent different aspects of communication in an online hybrid program/database model. Each field can store specific data about the communication, allowing for detailed analysis, filtering, and sorting of communication records.

Me: “If your every … [read full article]