Once upon a time, there were 13 channels on TV. Then there was cable with 100 channels. Those 100 channels played continually, 24 hours a day. Those 100 channels ran nonstop from the 1980s to the early 00s. Then in the 2010s, streaming came into its own. Youtube became more than just a place for comedy sketches. Radio transformed into podcasting. New celebrities emerged. From 2010s to today, the old world media despite all the advertising money pumped into it, is severely dying as it should.

Once upon a time,
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Like, I don’t see a reason to reinvent the wheel with a new program when another one exists that just has to be automated. FFMPEG, oh gosh on my old lap top I had a few dozen workhorse batch files I made to do whatever transformations to video I felt like. I loved breaking apart video, doing stuff and putting them back together in different ways.

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I’m excited to watch this and compare notes! This is 2021. Now, I made a video on Synchronization in 2017, based on my own research into it, staying far away from “we explain everything” videos, trying to piece it together myself. I was proud of what I did and moved on but now with four years distance and a video from someone whose work I trust, I can compare and see how far off I was or accurate as I’m sure his work is superior. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-_VPRCtiUg

I’m excited to watch
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The first time you see examples of modern day slavery, it’s a shock and disheartening. But unless it becomes one’s own political cause, it’s accepted at some level in the “horrible stuff out of my direct control that I benefit from”. Will I give up my iPhone because of the rare metal mining for the magical battery materials? No. But I will rattle my conscience once in a while by watching a video or reading up on it again. It doesn’t solve anything when I do so. Neither would me giving up my phone and telling 5-10 people do anything. But given a can’t-do-anything position, a moment of thought about it isn’t the worst thing. Or maybe it is, I don’t know.

The first time you
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a) Created plain text version of 2051 Wikipedia pages I had in my history + bookmarks, b) Ran them through Topic Modeling that happily ate the single 42 MB text file I gave it and told it to give me 12 topics of 20 words each. c) Did Google for those word sets and came up with these (showing 8) Surface tension surface high flow change water due energy force stress material small low body rate large conditions temperature current size phase Programming paradigm theory language information term analysis model logic terms type object data based structure objects mathematical systems word common programming related Embedded System computer needed system systems design game software citation based video version memory control games technology support code data source power Vector space set function space number called group point functions defined linear numbers case elements vector values real sets finite points open Introduction to the Field of Psychology life social human world knowledge work view nature thought scientific study people person mind individual events philosophy psychology experience natural Quantum mechanics time system process state field theory physics physical mass light quantum earth called energy mechanics processes free input model single Evolution of the neocortex: Perspective from developmental biology doi pmid cid cell cells bibcode development pmc journal brain biology al form species acid neural activity evolution molecular protein Classic Antiquity century early history modern education greek age found art years period world part ancient bc church great ii middle culture

a) Created plain text
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Ran 13 years of my Facebook comments through an AI Topic Sorter I like. I set it for 60 words each in 6 Topics. Ran it for 6000 iterations and I like this topic: system words human brain systems thinking theory similar process set logic form language information sense view universe reality based god order knowledge experience basic math data model concept perspective nature physics work number humans level simple learning mathematics general difficult patterns study research logical exist points concepts understanding fascinating ways numbers function fit computers present physical memory computer working notion

Ran 13 years of
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