I connected what was interesting to me using Wikipedia categories over a period of a week or two. After reaching about 1400, I stopped adding new ones. Since then (the past week or so) I’ve been organizing and re-organizing the resulting graph (how the hyperlinks are all connected to each other) in various ways. It uses graph theory or network theory but I don’t have to really know that stuff: just what it’s trying to do. It has a feature: “Auto-group” where it can take a bunch that are together and figure out which things are closest together and it bunches them up. Then I can figure how who is dominant in that group and make a folder out of it. I’ve been folding them up into folders, then unfolding them all and trying it a different way.

I connected what was
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Strange Man I keep working on it they started me on that road when I was eight with anti stuttering training at 11, guided meditation and bio feedback I learn various forms of prayer and meditation on my own after that been hacking my intuition and self-awareness most of my life I also like to see what creative things humans can do with raw materials I don’t need the product myself I just like knowing it exists and that humans managed to do it somehow

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I love reading academic papers via sci-hub — but even then, I do : introduction, conclusion/discussion, look at pictures /graphs. Find supplemental data and hope for a video or an easy to read table that isn’t garbledegook. I skip the whole middle of most of them. So, I plough through, get the ‘gist’ of them. I figure I’d better hurry because I expect one of these days they’ll succeed in shutting it down and I’ll be back to being unable to get scientific papers again.

I love reading academic
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Michael Cavallo dubstep was fun in 2011 but for me it’s a lot like a new flavor of chips — after a time they lose the surprise but i’d say that i generally lean towards electronic as a whole – even back to tape loop / concrete, tubular bells era, prog of course, 8 bit tunes : chip tun and a lot of video game music generally — over to the new age, the trance ambient the danceable EDM stuff (avicii had a winning formula for a few years) — and i meander a lot

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Not a final product yet. I do these little snapshots when I’m on projects like this. working only with Wikipedia categories, working from detail to generalization, I’m hoping to get a “big picture view” of my thinking that links up with Wikipedia broad categories so I can know better where I fit in. A lot more to add, and I’ll likely be pruning later and I have a ways to go but I wanted to make a little video, try a new video making idea. [I printed to PDF in a 3×10 poster, converted pages to PNG then ran them through a Ken Burn’s slideshow program from top middle down, top middle down, etc, instead of across).

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