I do cruddy video edits, bad diagrams, illogical memes, uninteresting music experiments. Drawing is my nemesis that I cannot overcome yet. Instead, I’ll share me looking like I’m going to sell you something that will break in 9 days. Notice: I’m wearing green jacket and purple shirt. I am inverted Joker but also smiling. My choice to post this and how it maps is my art expression. Sorry

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I controlled a computer with my feelings in the early 1980s. Made colored lines go up and down. Played a video game, such as they were then, “feeling” my way through the mazes and “intending” to shoot things, which I did. biofeedback stuff. What this thing is, is a lot closer than that as mine was skin-contact. But I’m ok with it, so long as there’s no pop-up ads.

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If you want zero-tolerance, you can start with zero-tolerance human rights violations. If you are entrusted by a society for the care and well-being of other human beings, you have a higher standard to uphold. Thankfully an inmate had an illegal camera phone and took this video. For all that we see, there is much that is never seen by anybody but those involved. They’ll punish the inmate who took the illegal video with the illegal camera phone. But it may result in preventing abuse of duty of care: The lines between reasonable, unreasonable, and inhumane may shift to circumstances but not all that much.

If you want zero-tolerance,
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Sometimes to look at your own problems, it can help to step outside further away and then look in. NYRA tends to be US centric, which is ok – that’s the National in NYRA. But look at this video. It’s a PSA about child neglect in Caribbean. My question is: Is there a line between freedom and neglect? If so, where is it?

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It won’t scale. It’s a good way to map processes in a simplified fashion at various ‘zooms’ but it’s a mapping – a way to simulate real behaviors for pedagogical purposes when viewed in isolation. This doesn’t make it an incorrect tool for its purposes but I think looking for the Master Fractal is a bit of religion.

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