What recent revelation about yourself did you have recently? For me just now it started with: “I like watching computers figure things out”, which I sort of knew but never thought much about until I wrote it, and followed it up with “wait, I like knowing the computer’s working on it even if I don’t see it directly”, like a slight stalling while watching a video because I’m having it do something else in the background.. ..and then I realized.. wait, I like that with people too, not _watching_ someone figure it out (because that’s too intense for me as I’d be trying to read all the facial muscles) but rather _knowing_ they’re working on it and it sometimes shows up in little ways that they’ve got some internal “a-ha!” / “eureka” moments.

What recent revelation about
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early 1990s. IBM AT. At a workplace this computer would randomly freeze. Wasn’t my job to do computers but I knew them Had a hard time reproducing it. On a hunch, I installed GEOS which I knew would tax the machine and force the error to show its hand. It would freeze the exact same moment during installation every single time It would draw a graphic screen and stop 3/4 of the way down down to the same pixel It hit me! Video! Hercules graphic board was bad. Had to be. Triumphantly went to the store got installed a replacement and everything worked after that. And the old Hercules board? One of the long series of memory chips had a slight bubble.

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I was experimenting with making a “natural log” ranking system the other day, where 0 1 2 3 4 were calibrated to natural log amounts (which worked out to something like 1, 1/2, 2/5, 1/5, 1/10 basically, give or take) and then moved onto the ranking group, which were groups of 5. (0-4, 5-9, 10-14) and settled to: with changing units 0 2 1 5.436563657 2 14.7781122 3 40.17107385 4 109.1963001 Exponent unit 1 is 127.5 Exponent unit 2 is 18924 Exponent unit 3 is 2808546.5 etc and I know I’m probably doing it right because it settles towards that 2.71828… thing really quickly. anyway… the FIRST chart, which is not from me, shows a comparison of accurate between clever trick used in 3D video processing called “reverse Z-buffer” which is not perfect but it is _close_ to “logarithmic depth buffer” for projective spaces in video which I learned about after learning about “Homogeneous coordinates” which I got to from “Circular points at infinity” where I was intrigued because: “The concept of angle can be defined using the circular points, natural logarithm and cross-ratio The angle between two lines is a certain multiple of the logarithm of the cross-ratio of the pencil formed by the two lines and the lines joining their intersection to the circular points.” AND I’d seen that graph the other week (Nov 27) come out my natural log ranking experiments in excel with the up, cut, up, cut, up cut so that there’s total coverage but there are spots where it resets to a new “0 point” with a new larger (or smaller) ‘granularity’ https://zero-radiance.github.io/post/z-buffer/ The 2nd image -the excel spreadsheet is from me, showing settling to euler’s number (but it doesn’t show the ranking thing yet) . How I got to the integer 2 5 13 etc took up a whole length of a spreadsheet, rounding and counting and it works. The last is from the page on “Homogeneous coordinates” which I think is what started this whole quest this morning. I don’t expect this to make sense but I wanted to document it for myself if nothing else just the same as it’s exciting grasping a small chunk of a concept perhaps maybe.

I was experimenting with
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I’ve had a policy to not watch documentaries or ‘the truth about’ videos for many years for that very reason – even if it’s something I’m interested in — because I don’t like the “being led” factor. Just as movies can get you to suspend disbelief through music and pacing and mirroring actors, so to can any video presentation. This is one case where the medium _is_ a significant part of the message, often to the point where the message vaporizes without watching the video first.

I’ve had a policy
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1-4 , 2-1, 3-5, 4-2, 5-3 OR 4-1, 1-2, 5-3, 2-4, 3-5 Thinking about perspective grids showing the same scenes from different angles layered on top of one another and how they have views where they coincide at points when my hands suddenly did this thing and it was weird but comfortable. I looked down at my hands to see if my intuition did a thing and I carefully figured out which left and right fingers were touching. I said them aloud several times to be sure. I couldn’t write it down but I knew I couldn’t remember so I kept my hands together and managed to record a video of me saying the numbers with my hands in that position.

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