Maybe lack of something to do. Looking at New Deal propaganda films and I’m starting to understand better why I’ve always heard “Education is the answer”. Still not convinced that compulsory education is ‘the answer’ to crime and such but I’m more convinced that blaming single moms or runaway dads isn’t the way to go. Made this video. Cringe at will.

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I’m not undermining my point, although I understand how it looks like that: I’m not criticizing thanking God. It’s just a nitpick I have really. I sometimes hear miracle used as a substitute for, “We have no idea HOW it’s even POSSIBLE that this impossible thing happened”, but when taken as “fantastic” as you said, then you’re right and I was wrong. Just a pet peeve of mine because I’ve worked hard on projects and occasionally someone will say, “It sure is lucky” when in fact it wasn’t luck at all but hard work and skill. But taken as “fantastic”, that’s fine. I was wrong.

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