flipped? You decide. NOTE: This is for the science of music production and “sticky” factor of musical form itself, NOT a reflection of Donald Glover or the incredible message of the video and song “This is America” which actually hit me in a deep way of just how far behind the USA is from where she ought to be as a nation. Yet, the timey-whimey mathematical challenge called me: Do they sync up? What brings us to certain patterns in music?

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I don’t know if we’re qualified to speak of the Universe’s intent or lack of as we’re so darned tiny. But we can speak of our subjective notion of what it might be or not be. For me, the Universe’s purpose right now was to compel me to make this video for the amusement and motivation of fellow humans. :) https://www.facebook.com/kenneth.udut/videos/988651267998/

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My bias: i can never forgive PragerU for their handwaving away of Hans Rosling’s amazing decades of work on World Population is not only doing great but improving by perverting his work with their “gumball population” model which was wrong and they made it go viral, misleading an amazing amount of people in the process. But I’ll go back to your thing now that I’ve said that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FACK2knC08E

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I saw the fuss he was raising on Twitter. “Oh, it was just a joke on the girlfriend by training her pug haha”. And shared on social media. And became the mascot pug for lots of less than desirable people that weren’t joking. And, I dunno, illegal in your country. My thing? Get over it. Pay your little fine, get your pity party together to pay for it for you and then some. (proceeds from the original video surely pay for it already and more). Can’t feel much sympathy for a celebrity. I try, but it’s hard.

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