I was not a fan of George H.W. Bush’s “collateral damage” excuses in early 1990s Iraq nor the changing police laws at the time through today. I remember when the term Collateral Damage became commonplace; it was during George HW Bush’s “video game” war that set far too high expectations for future warfare that turned out to be false; and the easy acceptance of civilian death both abroad and simultaneously at home as greater and greater immunities were granted upon police departments across the usa in various Supreme Court cases, citizen rights continued dwindling; those who can afford to successfully sue and win against a city for its police department is statistically fewer than the amount of state murders by police; and yet, as a nation, we generally welcome it. “Bad boys, watchagonnadowhentheycomefor u” etc. But if it wouldn’t result in a death penalty in a court case, it shouldn’t result in a death penalty in the street. I’m not talking about the times it’s justified.

 I was not a
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Words change meaning on intention. This was an extremely high profile situation in which it was used in a derogatory fashion. She used it in the context of same-sex marriage. She was being evasive on answering about her opinion about same-sex marriage and it is in that context she used the phrase “sexual preference”. If you refer to sexual preference in the same area as same-sex marriage and you already are known to be against gay marriage, it is not rocket science to know the dog whistling at play there. That nifty video of all the other people using the phrase in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT context, were not using it as a dog whistle but she was. Could Merriam Webster have made that change sooner. Sure they could have. But they didn’t. They made it after this event. Was this the first time making this change was ever on the list of things-to-do? I highly doubt it. But was it the straw? likely.

Words change meaning on
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what got me started on this was seeing something called the “Ostermeier-Glaberson instability” where a “A vortex ring is stretched by a Gaussian vortex, the vortex string length increases until saturation. These are isosurfaces of minumum superfluid density.” and i started thinking about minimal surfaces, which led me to bubbles (yes, thin film) – and, well, the reason is that I read something somewhere about waves needing a PLANE to form which i’ve been chasing… https://guava.physics.uiuc.edu/~nigel/courses/569/video/index.html

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It’s not personal to Musk. He’s another in a long line I’ve criticized my whole life. Bill Gates got my criticism once upon a time; he was the superboy. But any influencer with the same kind of following will get this same criticism from me. It’s not about politics or money. It’s about social influence and what that does to people’s critical thinking skills.

 It’s not personal to
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I will, although I’ll probably read a transcript. as I’m not much for video Let me give an example of my way of thinking: Here’s a story of a woman with a handgun that stopped a man shooting at a graduation party with high powered rifle. It’s being shared as the “good guy with a gun” that they’re ALWAYS looking for but rarely find – but I don’t read it that way: What i read it as is: Woman has reasonable weapon. Man has unreasonable weapon. Woman with reasonable weapon took down man with unreasonable weapon. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-61615236.amp

 I will, although I’ll
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oh body age, yeah. Facebook has traction in younger people in Philippines and India. Facebook is BOOMING in Africa right now among all ages. But in the USA, younger people tend towards Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, Discord. They have some kind of Twitter at some point too simply because “it’s there” and common, although many subcultures that are less age-based can thrive on there. Digital artists, furries, creatives, etc. I think Telegram is rising really quickly; Russians flocked to it when their Instagrams and Facebooks got shut (and if they didn’t want to bother with VPNs, although most of the ones I know seem to be back on Instagram through VPN again now), it’s also been a good source for information about the war that’s less censored than other networks. Telegram has done a fine job cleaning up their illicit images issue which is a bonus. Likee is popular in Eastern Europe – it’s exactly like Tiktok but isn’t being used as an all-purpose video side like Tiktok has become. The memes coming into Tiktok didn’t surprise me so much but when it was used as a way for Q Republicans in my generation (X) – moms in particular – to gather together en masse for spreading their kind of information with each other – that surprised me.

 oh body age, yeah.
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Discord is interesting; it’s not REALLY a social network – yet they just came out with profiles not that long ago so they’re clearly thinking about it. It’s not easy to find people or groups because there’s no “generic public areas”; so it has a “sense” of privacy. Of course once you’re IN with a group, that all changes. I think you’re right about it being Tiktok – it has the profile pages and you can look anybody up. But being restricted to video it can be limiting as well; video memes can be shared and recopied but static ones have to be turned into video; and text like this isn’t really possible. But the comment sections function well enough, so like Youtube, that’s where the socializing seems to take place.

Discord is interesting; it’s
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Thing is: “According to the US Department of Education, the Federal Government contributes about 8% to funding US public schools. To fund the remaining balance per student in the public education System, state and local governments are mandated to allocate money towards education.” So only 8% of school funding is Federal. The rest is state and local funding. So who has the $$ at the state and local levels? Corporations, lotteries and state/local/property tax making up the rest.

Thing is:
“According to
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