First internet friend I met lived in Spartanburg SC. Waay back. 1990. I was a teenager. My friend and his mom were from Rhode Island but the dad dragged them down to Spartanburg at some point. Abusive asshole, got restraining order etc, so I never met him. I visited for two weeks during summer of 1990. A month before I was there, they’d had a break in and stuff stolen. Just a mom and son there, Was surprised she let his internet friend stay for two weeks but I think she was just happy to give him something to do. It was in the outskirts, don’t remember where. We only went to town a time or two. I remember redneck types mostly. He got bullied a lot and hated it. So I didn’t know about high crime but I wasn’t left with a good feeling about Spartanburg SC. Didn’t seem like a nice place. Sorry about your cousin. Can’t even imagine. Keep bitching. Gotta get it out of you somehow. Here is as good a place as any.

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1) They want more than “thoughts and prayers”. That is an unbelievably difficult step to get past. That tactic has been EXTREMELY effective at maintaining Status Quo. Nothing new: in the USA, guns are untouchable and restrictions are usually minor. 2) They have to get past 1 first. Right now, they got to “We will listen to you speak”. Afterwards, it might become… “and we decided to enforce an existing database that we have neglected”. Will that be enough? No, as it’s not anything changing. But that might be all the politicians have to do to make this go away as a news story.

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Not sure anymore. I did well from 2007-2014 with Google Ads. Set up a “hyperlocal” website, pulled in everything from the local area automatically with scripts and feeds and various things I wrote. Hummed along beautifully. [Yahoo Pipes was my friend]. $800/month was a regular month. But then google wanted single-source content sites and my site got slammed in the rankings. Got down to “pointless” level within 9 months. But I can’t complain. It was a really good run. I found a niche that wasn’t filled by anybody else but now it’s handled well by Facebook and locally driven apps. Haven’t figured how to do it since but I *probably* have my sights too high.

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The work-to-live model is dying and has been for a long time. The answer will be uncomfortable for whoever controls the driverless cars and trucks and the companies outsourcing, but they’ll have to have responsibility somehow. It won’t happen in this administration but it will have to someday.

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