Oh semiotics can get you there but, much like binary in computing, you can’t stop at a base level but must approach in a bottom up / top down simultaneously. Pierce’s Theory of Signs acts as a top-down hierarchical framework from which to then build up from primitives. But the theory of signs along is not enough to build a system, much as how boolean logic is a top-down framework upon a dual of 0/1 which can be built up from but is not enough in itself to do much. So inbetween the two you have subsystems.

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There’s a lovely reddit group where people post images of their “retrobattlestations” – which is what I guess they call resurrected old computers and equipment – or even simply old pictures of old equipment. I’m enjoying going through image after image of people proudly posting their various victories. https://www.reddit.com/r/retrobattlestations/ This made me smile because I’d never seen it before in my life and I thought I’d seen everything.

There’s a lovely reddit

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