I’m not deflecting anything. What is the nature of a government? What does it do? What metaphors function in place of a government? That can be tricky as government is a nominalization of a verb: TO GOVERN. Government governs. Act of governing. So where does this action of governing take place? On a plot of land with people and things on it. SO now we have a circumscribed place with an act (“governing”) taking place with people and things involved. What metaphor covers all that? A house. A family. Mom, Dad, kids, pets, stuff. Is it a good metaphor? I don’t know. But nation as house, leader as mommy or daddy, the people as kids, the economy as bank account, is SO commonly in use that it acts “as if” true already. Look at the budget. People talk about the budget as if it’s a bank account for their home. But it’s not. It’s entirely different, functions differently. But the metaphor of nation=house, leader = mom/dad is so strong, that even the smartest economists fall in that metaphorical trap and can’t get out of it.

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It’s an extension of absentee voting. This is not new, this is not novel, this is not going to lead to the President of the USA canceling the vote and becoming King. Why? Because: States have extended absentee voting times before due to natural disasters and things. What’s new is a coup that reached the supreme court.

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“The taking of interest was forbidden to clerics from AD 314. It was strictly forbidden for laymen in 1179. The beginning of the end as far as the total ban on interest was concerned came in the sixteenth century. Although Luther and Zwingli still condemned it utterly, Calvin and some progressive Catholic thinkers such as Collet and Antoine argued that interest-taking did not constitute usury, as long as it represented the real difference between the value of present and future sums of money, and was not mere extortion. The Catholic Church still forbids usury, meaning extortionate charges, providing penalties in c2354 of the Code of Canon Law, but this does not mean that all interest-taking is sinful. The Vatican itself invests in interest-bearing schemes, and requires Church administrators to do likewise. That all interest was not in itself sinful was finally decided in a series of decisions in the institutions of the Catholic Church in the nineteenth century.” https://www.theguardian.com/notesandqueries/query/0,5753,-1030,00.html

“The taking of interest
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If you’ve been hanging your hat on Sweden, cheering on “herd immunity” and being a bit Pollyanna about the whole COVID-19 thing… …they didn’t have anything special. They were merely behind. “But after a week of sobering data, Lofven now seems to be striking a darker tone. In an interview published on Saturday by Dagens Nyheter, he warned that Sweden may be facing “thousands” of coronavirus deaths, and said the crisis is likely to drag on for months rather than weeks.” https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-04/sweden-girds-for-thousands-of-deaths-amid-laxer-virus-response

If you’ve been hanging
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