Once upon a time, there were 13 channels on TV. Then there was cable with 100 channels. Those 100 channels played continually, 24 hours a day. Those 100 channels ran nonstop from the 1980s to the early 00s. Then in the 2010s, streaming came into its own. Youtube became more than just a place for comedy sketches. Radio transformed into podcasting. New celebrities emerged. From 2010s to today, the old world media despite all the advertising money pumped into it, is severely dying as it should.

Once upon a time,
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oh I remember something on this: it has something to do with lack of background. Apparently in dreams, there’s no background; it’s all foreground. This makes sense because there’s no saccades and no persistence of memory so no background/foreground. So there won’t be working lights because that would be two distinct dream spaces if it went on and off.

oh I remember something
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Like, I don’t see a reason to reinvent the wheel with a new program when another one exists that just has to be automated. FFMPEG, oh gosh on my old lap top I had a few dozen workhorse batch files I made to do whatever transformations to video I felt like. I loved breaking apart video, doing stuff and putting them back together in different ways.

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