Thank you so much for sharing your experience going through this. I’m so enthralled with how this matches how I think about this stuff that I keep pushing it away. It’s like, “This can’t be it.This is the it, but NOBODY has that “it”” and yet I think this is. You may find more by looking up AI Kindergarten. I still shake my head in disbelief, looking for the flaw. I’m sure I’m overlooking something and a little spooked out that maybe I’m not and this is the thing that’s missing.

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Lack of empathy with possible link to higher intelligence. No correlation to autism. I’m A;G “You have a SNP in the oxytocin receptor which may make you less empathetic than most people. When under stress you may have more difficulty recognizing the emotional state of others which impacts loneliness, parenting, and socializing skills.” “Some studies have suggested that the A;G genotype is associated with an intermediate level of empathy (compared to the G;G and A;A genotypes), although most report that A;G and A;A individuals have similar levels of empathy and stress handling capabilities. rs53576 is a silent G to A change in the oxytocin receptor (OXTR) gene. Studies have demonstrated that individuals with the G allele are more empathetic, feel less lonely, employ more sensitive parenting techniques, and have lower rates of autism” Lots of studies on this one.

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I think he’s been burned one too many times, so he wrote a book and talks about it to help others do what he probably failed to do in his life at some point. His is the personality that procreates, breeds, survives and thrives while the high conflict personalities get themselves killed off thanks to their penchant for conflict. What interesting is that he gives NO advice “what if you’re a high conflict person?” That’s smart and taking his own advice. After all, if he *did*, he’d be telling a high conflict person, HEY YOU’RE A HIGH CONFLICT PERSONALITY”. Better a high conflict person thinks he must be talking about someone else, which an hcp (using his model) would do anyway.

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