when people learn programming, they often don’t know where to start. And there are a lot of lessons that step you through different processes within programming. but they rarely teach the most important thing about programming – and it is the first and hardest piece of advice i give to people who ask how to start: you need a problem that you want to solve. so if someone wants to learn game programming they need to want to “see a game which does (these things)”. the problem to solve is “what do i have to do to be able to have a game that does (these things)?” without the want and without wanting a specific goal, it can be a meaningless series of following procedures because that’s what it is. it needs meaning and desire and that comes from the programmers heart and mind as it were. so i imagine it is similar for physicists doing mathematics. 

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I just want people taken care of. I find the political squabbling boring. Too much money lands in the wrong hands and we’re indoctrinated to defend big company wealth hoarding against poor people over and over again. Republicans do it. Democrats do it. QAnon people do it. Anarchists do it. Libertarians do it. Liberals do it. Conservatives do it. Socialists do it. Everybody seems to do it from time to time. Get one scrap more than the neighbor and “hey I deserve that scrap, unlike MY NEIGHBOR over there who really isn’t part of our community anyway so really isn’t my neighbor”. I’m sure you’re right and I’m talking out my ass. I”m an alien on this planet. It’s for you, not me. Humans never made much sense.

 I just want people
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That’s law. Reality is harsher than law. The moment a doctor is going to do an abortion, SOMEBODY will get them fined and sue and it’ll be tied up in court while she’s pregnant. and MAYBE the court will agree with what you quoted in the article. But by then, she’ll likely be a lot more pregnant and too late for an abortion anywhere. That’s how the game goes.

That’s law. Reality is
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Gamaliel’s Principle Looking in to Pluralism of various sorts, I’ve come across Gamaliel’s Principle, a Christian notion sometimes forgotten which comes from the story of a man named Gamaliel detailed in the Christian Bible in Acts of the Apostles, who saved the lives of the fledgling Christians, while not being one himself, by putting forth a kind of Pascal’s Wager; what’s true is true and we might not know what’s true just yet, but do you want to do what’s wrong in case you’re wrong when you can instead do what’s right? It has applications in mathematics, in particularly biases surrounding light cones; we tend to not look outside of our light cone which can lead to problems, and what to do to prevent that problem. What’s right in both cases is allowing for wider coverage, particularly outside of what you can see. This has been a successful argument supporting religious pluralism from a Christian point of view; ecumenism and if not universal salvation, at least a wider salvation than “agree with my pastor”.

Gamaliel’s Principle
Looking in
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Revisiting Pluralistic Ontology hierarchy; this was a hard-won battle building this order of things; Presentation could be better; the original graphic I wanted to show the closest thing to self (emergence) as biggest and the furthest (most intellectual (pluralistic ontology)) as smallest – but each can be described as a “theory of”; A concept is a theory of a category; a category is a theory of objects, objects are a theory of properties, emergence is a theory of properties; What to do from here, I didn’t know so I moved to other projects at the time – it was a completed notion that took a few years. [May 2021]

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