in 1993-94, I volunteered full-time at a cerebral palsy center in New Jersey USA. I was 21 eight hours a day, five days a week, I showed up and gave my everything to these kids from age 3 to 21. at the center were kids with cerebral palsy, autism, emotional scarring, down syndrome, etc. One of my favorite things to do and they were going to hire me for – was setting up the equipment and computers for communication and working with the kids and teachers on using the equipment. I was extremely passionate because I went to that center full time between the ages of two and four years old. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and physical and occupational therapy successfully helped me. there were no scripted programs. it was just help the kids because this was school. A very unique school. I tracked it down a few years ago to find out if it still existed. I had a very hard time because it moved locations and changed names. The days of dedicated schools for kids who need higher quality teachers capable of the necessary desire to communicate with them were out of fashion as integration has long become the trend, so its existence is a quiet thing. successful communication is an amazing thing to me in every and any situation. I am grateful that I can communicate and I was extraordinarily proud to have been in an important position as a volunteer to help train adults and kids on how to communicate in diverse ways. How to listen. how to signal. to acknowledge. to respond.

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I’ve taken B12, Magnesium and Zinc together for stress now and again (before a dental visit, etc). I stumbled upon the combination years ago when experimenting with vitamins and noticed a dramatic improvement in my thinking and feeling. Earlier today I was feeling miserable. hot and cold sweat, couldn’t stand fabric on my skin, taking it off did not help. Laying skill was not helping, nothing at all. Not sure how to describe emotions beyond miserable although a few times I asked myself “is this sadness? I don’t know”. Thought it had to do with the yucky humid weather maybe? Wasn’t sure. But somewhere I remembered B12 and Magnesium. I skipped the zinc this time as an experiment and did b12 and magnesium. About 20 minutes later, it was like a light switch clicked on and I felt functional again. Oddly dramatic. Any ideas?

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I connected what was interesting to me using Wikipedia categories over a period of a week or two. After reaching about 1400, I stopped adding new ones. Since then (the past week or so) I’ve been organizing and re-organizing the resulting graph (how the hyperlinks are all connected to each other) in various ways. It uses graph theory or network theory but I don’t have to really know that stuff: just what it’s trying to do. It has a feature: “Auto-group” where it can take a bunch that are together and figure out which things are closest together and it bunches them up. Then I can figure how who is dominant in that group and make a folder out of it. I’ve been folding them up into folders, then unfolding them all and trying it a different way.

I connected what was
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He’ll find a new content distribution center. He has a devoted audience that will follow him gladly. Ancient Faith Radios will continue to do fine. No need for added drama. He was a misfit for the archdiocese’s mission but will be a perfect for another Orthodox publishing house’s mission. Such is administration. Hard decisions have to be made sometimes.

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You grew up in a family that were entertainers and musicians. Can’t underestimate the impact that has on perception. I have an equivalent: for me, the notion of office work or small business ownership was “no big deal”. “it’s easy” because that’s what I was familiar with. I learned to touch type quickly young. I understood how corporations worked and how to navigate things, etc. Yet I’ve talked to others that were deathly afraid of the whole thing. Businesses were big things. Impenetrable fortresses. I was like, “Just talk to the secretary, say x y and z and you’ll get an appointment”. So, I’m thinking it might be a case of that. I didn’t know anybody involved — and growing up I was always the outsider person. Scholarship kid. Only kid with [x], the best at [y], Always put on stage to perform when I didn’t want to but I did it out of duty.

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One of the things I’ve enjoyed about seeing the messaging coming from General Mark Milley and other US military leaders (at the higher levels) has been a rather Star Trek-ish futuristic view of the US military. When he was being criticized by the American Right (he still is), I was surprised at some of the things he was saying; mocked as “wokeness” with Russian memes coming out showing Russia as tough and US as weak (with the American Right agreeing – again – with the Russians memes) yet to me they sounded how they should sound, considering his position and level of responsibility. The messaging that came out of the head of the European something that was in charge of overseeing the evacuation of 122,000 Americans and allies from Afghanistan over a 17 day period had that exact same flavor, a very familiar tone that I’d rarely heard from in leaders and was pleased to see it coming from high ranking military officers – as they’re absolutely responsible for the lives and well being of hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis. Well, I looked up General Milley’s age right now. He was born in 1958. He would have been between 8-11 years old when Star Trek was on the air, the civil rights battles were likely in the news daily as he grew up; the specter of fighting a losing battle with Vietnam So that very Star-Trekian view of military (Enterprise was a military craft that was geared up for science) showed and I think that’s why. My opinions of military haven’t changed but there’s a right way to do things when you’re in charge of the well being of hundreds of thousands of people and I don’t expect perfection, but it’s nice to see an improvement, at least somewhat.

 One of the things
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