I live in an area with a lot of undocumented workers. Federal boots due to do a raid on our local area soon which sucks ’cause the big farms need those workers. Anyway, they always drive at or just under the speed limit. Don’t get in trouble. Stay quiet. Go to work. Spend money. Paid 75% of what US workers would get, except US workers don’t want that kind of work. So, if the big black boots from Washington DC step foot in our local soil, it’ll disrupt the fast food tomatoes and stuff. Whatever. Just another day in “States have no say” USA.

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Well, if you want to understand my way of thinking, he nails it. He’s got the rare blend of knowledge, optimism and skepticism that I consider good scientific traits . I think to understand human intelligence, you have to understand intelligence first. Give it a range. Look around at what lives and what are their levels of intelligence and what makes it so. So, one example is learning reflexes. How to have AI habituate? A danger of habituation is making mistakes but I think trying to go straight to human AI without making the mistakes of other intelligent creatures loses on some of the mechanisms that makes ours work.

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I don’t know if it’s still active but there was a FB group called something like “Creepy Kids of Vintage Advertising” that had stuff like this. Love this kind of stuff, weird awkward marketing. In recent years, “the 90s” got hit by a parody of standard Capri Sun commercials. The actual kid actors were VERY confused at the strange behavior they had to do in a behind-the-scenes of it. But for us who all lived through the 90s, it was standard on TV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyd51lvu3xw

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