I’ve always been in the nebulous middle zone and never really did much with the “who I identify with” thing. I *could* identify with poor, rural, white male, or homeowner, businessowner, or raised suburban, or went to hippie school I couldn’t afford identities and probably a dozen others. I don’t know who I really support. Since I don’t identify with Garrison Keller, that he was called out on old bad behavior that was more acceptable years ago isn’t someone I hold a candle for or against really. It doesn’t taint his work, just as Kevin Spacey’s grab-assing doesn’t mean much to me. They’re in a different world than I am. But for example if I see vigilantes murdering an ex-felon because they didn’t like their crime that bothers me because if there’s not a clear and present danger and the ex-felon does their part to rejoin society and is punished for past crimes by people without the authority to do so, it’s not right. I don’t think the cause against toxic masculinity is inherently bad: I don’t like when fellow men are assholes and don’t feel a need to defend their asshole-ishness. There’s a masculinity that’s not toxic and positive: and defending rights-of-assholes is, to me, a sunken ship long ago. Perhaps I’m too Mr. Rogers.

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There’s a pile of shit that gets thrown on top of you with whatever identity a kid goes with. There’s a male pile of shit and a female pile of shit. There’s a white and black pile of shit in the US, a “proud etnicity” pile of shit dumped on kids in European countries. A nerd pile of shit when one’s given a nerd identity, a deaf pile of shit, etc. It’s still all shit.

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Never saw a good reason. Urinals or stalls doesn’t matter to me. Do your business and go. Have stalls go to the floor for privacy. I suppose isolated areas maybe? But that’s dangerous anyway because regardless of label on door, a perv will await… I’ve known a lot of mothers with sons and fathers with daughters put into an unnecessary dilemma having to sex segregate from theirs kids around a certain age. That’s a much more common problem that unisex bathroom would solve than any problems that separated bathrooms prevent.

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I’d say that behavior against boys by women or men in systemic power positions are of equal relevance and are ok to bring forward at ANY time, including now (see Finn from that Stranger Things show]… … …BUT… it’s not the time to bring up domestic violence of women against men nor aggressive and/or sexually aggressive behavior of women against men. Why? It shifts the narrative entirely, removing the tenuous justice for women here and yet again, causing it to be claimed by the vast majority systemic oppressors. In short, it’s a shut up move for men to do this at this time.

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