He lets us say Merry Christmas now and lets kids eat more pizza at lunch. The pseudo-conservative batch of Republicans, who are now the majority, have the dominoes lined up since 2010, Newt was working on it longer. This has nothing to do with having an impeached President in 2020 who will run for office anyway. Could’ve been anybody. The machinery was in place.

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So, math stuff. I like the “complete lattice”. I understand it. But I also like “constructive mathematics”. Intuitionistic logic. But without “law of excluded middle”, how do you get nice, clean separation between stuffs? Googling Constructive mathematics “complete lattice” and I get my next research: _Tarski’s lattice theoretical fixed point theorem_ which sounds really really familiar. I think I’ve been here before and here I am again.

So, math stuff.

Oh, this kind of solution is right up my alley. At first glance, I think it approximates 10,000 solutions, which is far far far faster than trying to do everything perfectly. I can solve 10,000 things in Excel 2000 in a moment on an old Win7 laptop, so putting their minds to it for years, I can imagine how approximating 10,000 solutions wouldn’t be terribly more difficult for standard computer hardware to perform.

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Fantastic Classic Who vibe check. Super mega 80s Rich vs Poor, Ozone Layer Hole Earth Future Doom Preacher Goodness. I was raised on Peter Davidson and saw Pertwee’s Buddhism and Ecology on repeat in the 80s and this was right in line. I didn’t pick up on the green hair though. I read through 100 trash comments here and nobody mentioned it but suddenly I was like, “Oh shit, green hair. GREEN… environment.. idiot hippies engineers failing where kids will succeed…. It was perfect. Whole thing was a perfect 1980s Doctor Who mess. I’m thinking later Peter Davidson / early curly haired annoyed guy episodes…. maybe bits of way-too-much-happening Doctor with the question mark umbrella and Ace guy.

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