I worked for Merck – well the part that was called Schering-Plough when it was that (they made Claritin, Dr Scholls, animal products mostly) So Merck’s had this asthma inhaler called Singulair that for YEARS AND YEARS has been known to cause some nasty side effects such as thoughts of su_cide etc in kids and teenagers and groups petitioned the FDA to do something about it. Well, they made a thicker black line around the black-box warning which of course doesn’t do much. “Cape does not allow wearer to fly” – still good it’s there but really, capitalism-be-damned – putting thoughts of self-ending in kids needs a little more than a 4pt vs a 2 pt outline on a box So I get the frustration and it’s chronic and not new. Join the whole battle instead of focusing on the exciting one

I worked for Merck
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I’d focus on interplay; how the structure and relations interact and influence each other within the system. How does the structure give rise to specific relations and how the relations, in turn, shape and affect the structure. Of course that’s assuming a structure-first. You can also go into emergent properties and feedback loops. Most things aren’t creation-from-nothing so it should be safe to do a relations explanation as-if it came first with the given knowledge that yes there was some magical-structure-with-relation-capabilities or some structure-producing-capable-relationings happening

I’d focus on interplay;
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I’d first manipulate the ads to better correspond to the people you want to reach. To do that, you click only and always on ads that align with the people you want to reach. Do so consistently. The reason for doing the ads primarily is that they change most rapidly; you can effect ad change within a few minutes of clicking and have a solid consistent set of ads very quickly that match quite well. What you do for each is: click on each ad. Like the ad. If the organization is consistently similar to attract the people you want, go to the page for the ad. Like or follow it. See if it has reels. Follow the reels. (Like/follow may be redundant, I’m not sure) So that’s one ai system down pat. That ai system does inform other parts of their ai infrastructure it seems. So you’ll start getting suggested pages and posts. If they match, like/follow them too. Informs even more. As you go along, when you see posts from people that align, like or comment on those posts. And you follow all of this with the same intensity that you want out of the people you want to reach for change. This prepares the Facebook soil for your seeds to grow in. I’ve done this a number of times on Facebook for different reasons through the years, sometimes for a purpose, sometimes for fun.

I’d first manipulate the
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It’s a challenge. The material is _just_ hard enough to give me a little headache but not enough for me to get angry. I get to moan and groan each day about homework I have to do. It’s my choice. I’m not being compelled to. I’m not doing it to get a job or impress anybody. I’m terrible at finishing what I started. So I’m giving it an attempt to finish something I started. etc.

It’s a challenge. The
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I have excess empathy. Always did. Does that make me feminine? According to lots of charts it would. And that’s fine. Yet I don’t really get makeup and fashion for the same reason; it’s a lie, a performance. And that’s fine if that’s what you want to do, but I don’t think it should be forced. And I felt bad for girls that were forced to that didn’t want to get involved, and felt bad for boys who DID want to and couldn’t.

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