It has no independent existence outside of humans transacting tangible and intangible goods and services using substitutions that are standardized. Much of the money is created in second order, not really linked to anything having to do with transacting good and services but rather amongst itself, guided by other rules, even arbitrary such as political laws or thieving schemes. But within the world of humans performing transactions, money is functional and through its functioning, it has reality. If you lack “enough”, you can die. That’s real.

It has no independent
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perhaps time is a nomification of a verbal concept. so we say “time” but it’s really the activity of timing. to do timing we use a scale called Time. using this scale we know of cause and effect. could we use a different scale for time, timing in a manner that is incoherent on the normal timing scale? yes. but does that obliterate the other scale ?

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Logic of Value. I’m Skimming: Language, Consciousness, Culture, Essays on Mental Structure by Ray Jackendoff – Affective value (A-value) A situation or action has A-value for an individual X if it yields pleasure or suffering, if it feels good or feels bad to X. – Utility (U-value) A situation or action has U-value for an individual X if it yields a benefit or exacts a cost, if it is good for X or bad for X. I will often lump A-value and U-value together as A/U-value. – Resource value (R-value) An object has R-value if it is valuable, if it is good for someone to have. – Quality (Q-value) The Q-value of an object or action is measured relative to other objects or actions of the same type, usually in terms of its function. Thus we speak of a good/excellent computer or a bad/poor back dive. – Prowess (P-value) The P-value of a person is measured by quality of performance at some task: the person is good/excellent at doing suchand-such or bad/poor at doing such-and-such. – Normative value (N-value) N-value concerns conformity to social norms, including moral/ethical norms, religious norms, and cultural norms such as customs, manners, and etiquette. A person’s action has N-value to the extent that it conforms to norms. We say it was good/ right of X to do such-and-such or bad/wrong of X to do such-and-such. – Personal normative value (PN-value) A person has PN-value to the extent that he or she conforms to social norms. We speak of a person with positive PN-value as being good or virtuous, and of one with negative PN-value as being bad or wicked. – Esteem (E-value) E-value concerns the overall social value of a person and represents a composite of PN-value, P-value, dominance, and other factors. We speak of a person with high E-value as being prestigious or respected

Logic of Value. I’m
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This is Not a Boundary Object: Reflections on the Origin of a Concept. I did another Latent Dirichlet Allocation on a cleaner copy of my writings saved on icopiedyou . com using “Topic Modeling Tool” (as my WordStat 8 trial expired but the only part I use is LDA) and set it to find 3 topics. It found 3. One had to do with school and power structures I think, another probably about nostalgia, but this is the one that interested me: things time system words work science mind point brain human part thinking computer idea systems A search in Google Scholar has this coming up as #2 and removing “computer” and it comes as #1: This is Not a Boundary Object: Reflections on the Origin of a Concept

This is Not a
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We’ve been tracked from the day we were born. Our grandparents were tracked from the day they were born. Our great-great-grandparents were tracked from the day they were born. That’s society. Each new thing got people complaining. But it wasn’t new. It starts with the Census, then the collection of taxes and policing. Which part of Western civilization didn’t have those?

 We’ve been tracked from
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His career for 8 years before this was being steeped in everything having to do with voting laws, rules and regulations. Someone who is clever can make intentions secondary effects and not “in the text” to allow people like yourself (their defenders) to say “But it’s not technically written there” while it has the exact effect they want. Plausible deniability. Gets them out of trouble and people make excuses on their behalf.

His career for 8
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In many counties, Georgia’s population is majority black. But the state government is majority white. Atlanta is a very rich and powerful city that is mostly black for example. Brian Kemp, the white governor who seemed to pull out all the stops to squeak a win a few years ago has put in a lot of really weird laws since. So, is some of the laws just put in place to prevent the majority population in many of the counties of Georgia from electing more Democrats next time as they did this time? Probably. Is it just to prevent “the Democrats” from winning in Georgia or is it to prevent “the Blacks” from winning in Georgia? Well, either way, a citizen’s right to vote has nothing to do with color or creed and actions put into play to restrict on that basis is bad.

In many counties, Georgia’s
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