Oh I’ve thought about it. I know how to do it. I used to pirate all my software, even before P2P and it was multipart downloads on obscure BBS, Usenet groups… and of course afterward when it got super easy. [I leeched for a while, then started contributing]… But I dunno: I think it’s the challenge of it for me, working around it. I like Paint NET. I recommend it freely to people who are just starting out their editing adventures. I’ve learned lots of great plugins that do things that people like to do.

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I don’t know. I remember learning as a kid (never knew if true) that in France at one time, theft of necessities was not prosecuted as a kind of hands-off social welfare program thing. Does that bump up to theft of insured replaceable objects? For the thief it might. For the courts, probably not. For the homeowner, certainly not because it’s a hassle to replace and having strangers enter your home is icky and destroys the illusion of safety.

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Personality uploads? I wish. I’ve been working as close as I can get for now: https://data.mendeley.com/datasets/92825j2d2r/1 [it has a DOI which *should* keep it intact] Hoping to find a decent knowledge extractor. Worked with a few which helped a little but the state of the art in this area is a LONG way off from where it could be someday.

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